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Reuters: TCU to test new mix in opener against Houston Baptist

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Reuters: TCU to test new mix in opener against Houston Baptist

    TCU has several new faces but returns two key building blocks as it opens the season Wednesday against visiting Houston Baptist in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Center Kevin Samuel and guard RJ Nembhard, juniors who served as solid wingmen to 2020 first-round draft pick Desmond Bane a year ago, will try to propel the Horned Frogs forward after a 16-16 season that included a 7-11 mark in the Big 12 Conference.

    Nembhard ranked second on the team to Bane in scoring (12.1 points per game) and assists (102). He also shot the most free throws (104) for the Horned Frogs, hitting at a 74.0 percent clip.

    Samuel is a tantalizing presence at 6-foot-11, 255 pounds with a level of athleticism that allowed him to block 85 shots to go with 10.0 points and 8.4 rebounds a game.

    Read more at https://nationalpost.com/pmn/sports-pmn/tcu-to-test-new-mix-in-opener-against-houston-baptist
  2. Damn. Now that's a loss.
  3. Really looking forward to seeing how the team looks Wednesday. Kevin Easley is poised to take over a hefty chunk of the offensive production, along with Samuel and Nembhard, but we are going to need our younger players to step in and give us quality minutes. We saw flashes of superstar play from PJ Fuller, especially against Baylor last year, if he can grow into a more consistent scorer he can really be the X factor for us this year.

    Forward rotation will be interesting after Easley. Dixon has made positive comments on Micky Pearson’s development, and after a frustrating shooting year from Diante Smith I’ll be curious to see how he improves. I expect Terren Frank to redshirt, but I don’t think that is set in stone.

    Of the true freshmen the guy I’m most excited to see is Mike Miles. He has the tools to be the complete package for us as a floor leader and anytime I’ve gotten to see him play or be interviewed he just seems like a winner all the way around.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday.
  4. Dubose was highly thought of coming out of HS. Not sure how he got to HBU but he was really good for them.
  5. Guardian, how do you think the starting lineup will look like? Do you think PJ or FF to start at the two? I’m interested in seeing how good Pearson is. We need someone to push Smith and hoping he’s the guy. How much do you think O’Bannon will give us?
  6. TCU favored by 27

  7. What a week upcoming!

    frogs-25 v Kansas
    frogs -27 v HBU
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  8. I think that PJ is going to get the nod, even though Dixon has had positive things to say about FF’s progress recently. I would say we have 3 for sure starters in Samuel, Nembhard, and Easley and that any combo of them plus Fuller, Pearson, Farabello, and Smith Could potentially start.

    Ive heard two reviews on O’Bannon, one really good and one not so good, but I’m hoping we get to see what he can do tomorrow. We should be able to get a big enough lead that we can rotate in more than we normally do. It would really help the outlook for the team if he could give us quality minutes.
  9. Not sure that all players are going to be available for this game so we may not see exactly what we anticipate to be the starters. This season will be a roller coaster for all teams so I think we should expect the unexpected and hope for the best! Go Frogs!!!!
  10. I keep hearing that 2-5 guys might be unavailable for tonight’s game. Don’t know any names. EO might be a guy that was so much better than everyone in HS that he didn’t learn the fundamentals needed to be a well rounded player.
  11. Who is EO?
  12. I want to see all 6-11, 300 pounds of Eddie Lampkin! Ha
  13. believe o'bannon who was a highly rated aa out of bishop gorman
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  14. I’m thinking he means Ed O’Bannon but don’t quote me.
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  15. Of course

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