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  1. We used to have an offense. Destroying UT was and still is amazing to watch.

    These ladies should be wearing purple...
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  2. Didn't go as we had hoped, but that 2015 season sure had some memorable games.
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  3. I remember walking back to the parking garage after that game and meeting Scott Nix at my car (I was the designated driver that day). He was soaked to the bone, but had the biggest smile on his face I'd seen since the Peach Bowl and our trip to Omaha.

    EDIT: That was Scott's last game.
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  4. Miss that guy.

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  5. I can't wait to have an offense again. I hope this new coach works out.
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  6. What a year that was. Thanks maniac.
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    2105 offense was the best Patterson offense ever when healthy. Boykin at QB. Green at RB. Doctson, Listenbee, and Turpin at WR. Four senior multi-year starters on the O-line (Big V, Foltz, Naff, Hunt). Literally zero weakness across the offense.

    Unfortunately the 2015 defense wasn’t that great. We were already in rebuild mode that year on defense due to graduations off the 2014 team, and then we lost five D starters early on. Lost James McFarland due to an off-season injury. Then Sammy Douglas suffered a season ending injury week 1. Then Mike Freeze quit the team after week 1. Then Kenny Illoka suffered a season ending injury week 2. Then Then Ranthony Texada suffered a season ending injury week 3.

    The injuries and losses eventually made their way to the offensive side of the ball.
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  8. Last game my dad and I got to attend together. Will never forget it.
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  9. We built a team around injuries and were amazing. It built my hopes up so much for 2016... then interceptions and a complete crap the bed team took the field.


    ... was how 2016 made me feel.
  10. Sat through the 81-16 UT win in 1974....This was, of course, much more satisfying....I hope Darrell Royal was able to look down on it....
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  11. remember the 5th of November
  12. [QUOTE="Froginbedford, post: 2884344, member: 71196..I hope Darrell Royal was able to look down on it....[/QUOTE]

    Or up as the case may be.
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  13. So wait. You mean we had an offense in which receivers actually ran routes designed to get them open? And a quarterback delivered the ball? And the receivers caught it? And we scored points?

    Damn, that seems like forever ago.
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  14. Watching those replays, it is pretty clear how good those receivers made Boykin look on a lot of those throws...
  15. New??!
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  16. Most overrated coach in history.
  17. not even the most overrated coach in their school history

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