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Reddit Short Squeeze #WallStreetBets

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Sweat Equity, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Any other finance guys/gals watching this phenomenon? Witnessing history. Closest thing to seeing aliens.
  3. Psychopaths.
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  4. This the gamestop one? Really started cooking up last night.
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  5. Anyone have the cliffsnotes version of this thread?
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  6. 16 Y/O Redditer’s making $mms by squeezing shorts on worthless stocks.

    (Watch that short video I tagged above.)
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  7. AMC now up 44% after hours. This is beginning to get fun. Whomp whomp Andrew Left.
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  8. Some clever net dudes (my guess is they are nothing but a front for some actually clever group of investors) played games with the shorting that was going on with Game Stop. Frickin' worked and those who went in on the shorting are fricking because they are taking it in the shorts.

    Funny if it is not you getting Swalwelled, but I'm sure the SEC is now watching them like a frickin' hawk.
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  9. Ding Ding Ding.
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  10. $AMC up 227%. This is nuts. Andrew Left is drowning in his tears trying to cover his short.
  11. I tossed some coin at AMC to see if it does what Gamestop did over the last week.
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  12. BB/NOK/AMC/GME all halted. Kids found the fatal flaw in the Markets. Insane.
  13. Congrats to whoever figured this out and organized it. I don't see anything for the SEC to do.

    New columns are going into short risk models, for sure.
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  14. Total insanity. And fraud
  15. There's no fraud, as far as I can see. Supposedly, Soros did that for years with currencies. Word leaked out that Soros was buying up currency and then when it rose, after everyone wanted in, he sold.

    Sucks for the people who buy GameStop or AMC with money they cannot afford. I am smart enough not to do that. If I make several hundred percent, awesome. If I lose what I put in, well, that's life. No different than a trip to Vegas.
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  16. I also do not see anything fraudulent. A bunch of ppl went after naked shorts. Their loss.
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  17. Is this some variation of the typical message board pump-and-dump scheme?
  18. I understand shorting... don’t understand what “playing games” means.

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