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Real college football playoff on tonight...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. I never said that
  2. So, how many of those playoff games do you actually watch?
  3. Dang, even Maine has a kicker that can make a 46 yard FG under pressure.
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  4. Well whaddaya know?!.....the lower rated team won.

    Ugh. Can’t stand the arguments made for not having a true playoff. It’s absolutely mind numbingly ridiculous.

    Maine 23 - Weber State 18
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  5. I hope you watched the TCU baskeball game too lol
  6. Ha I did! I actually watched most of that. Really liking this team!

    Just had to get in a small point about football playoffs is all.
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  7. Was it a fun game to watch?
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    Yeah, at least I thought so. Would’ve been better with a more enthusiastic home crowd had it been held here but still fun. But you could tell, as you mentioned, that the USC guys just wanted off the court that second half.
  9. More real playoff games tonight. All times noted are Central time zone.

    On ESPNU at 6pm is the D3 championship game featuring Mary Hardin-Baylor versus the powerhouse that is Mount Union.

    On ESPN2 at 7pm is an FCS semifinal featuring South Dakota State versus North Dakota State.

    Just FYI for those interested.
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  10. Gimme Weber State. They make good grills
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    #1 Alabama vs #8 UCF
    (#1 North Dakota St 35 #8 Colgate 0)

    #2 Clemson vs #7 Michigan
    (#7 Maine 23 #2 Weber State 18)

    #3 Notre Dame vs #6 Ohio St
    (#3 Eastern Washington 34 #6 UC-Davis 29)

    #4 Oklahoma vs #5 Georgia
    (#5 South Dakota State 27 #4 Kennesaw State 17)

    Current CFP would look like this based on FCS results as an example. Final 4 had 1 blowout, 3 close games and two upset....not too bad

    #1 Alabama vs #7 Michigan
    #3 Notre Dame vs #5 Georgia
  12. Probably a decent game.
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  13. You’re right, that isn’t bad, and I’d be fine with it. But do you really think everyone would be ok with a G5, two Big 10 teams and another SEC team making up 5-8?
  14. My bad....updated my post. SDSt was the 5 seed.

    Not sure 5-8 would always be that way but I hear you.

    I’ll update bracket after the next 2 games for fun
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  15. I think most rational fans would be ok with it. Hell of a lot better than the [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] system in place now. I’d watch it with more interest if it was the 5 P5 champs, and the next 3 highest ranked teams even if that included one or more G5 teams.
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  16. This is a great game. SDSU with an awesome TD pass just now.
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  17. So we are getting sneak peak at the new K-St Offensive system by watching N. Dakota tonight. Never seen a team pull the center so much on counters..That line is really well coached
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  18. NDSU scored TDs 47 of 53 times in the red zone this year according to announcer. Impressive stat at any level.
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  19. N. Dakota State

    Some people I know would REALLY appreciate that correction. :)
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  20. Cru got down two scores early after a missed FG and fumble in their own territory. Looked like Mount Union was going to run away with it, but UMHB dominated the rest of that game and won. Stagg Bowl was a great watch.
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