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Re-Seating 2021...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BrewingFrog, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Your email is so unimportant that you don't even check it on vacation!

    Sickest of burns.
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  2. leave your wife and kids off this message board
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  3. I have no idea what you are talking about. Must be one of several others on here who also think you're a moron.
    And those insults, sounds like projection to me.
  4. 10,000 posts on an Internet forum and still…nobody cares what you think

    (Duggan is a below average B12 QB - can’t wait for more data this fall to get your panties in a wad)
  5. only if you are not in the club already - if you are in the club, you will be able to reseat this year for the first time is my understanding - because there are seats available for people that moved to the West side club
  6. Sigh. It's a big club. And I'm not in it.
  7. not missing that much honestly. If I could move to the first section outside the club on either side - I would seriously consider doing that.
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  8. I agree!! I have club seats that I let others sit in. I rather sit in my seats outside the club as the people are more into the game and do not get upset if you cheer too loud or gasp, stand up on big plays.
  9. I’m here with my entire family. I swore I’d never drive again but for some dumb ass reason I did. The tunnel on I-10 in Mobile is a mother scheisser. I swear I’ll never drive again, again. I do love it here though. Beach is awesome and the golf courses are great. It’s rained every day. Having a blast.
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  10. Not to get back on my decade long soap box, but I will never forgive the people that allowed our stadium to be designed the way it was.

    Even if you have the resources and willingness to make the donations necessary to get any seats in the stadium you want, there's not a super desirable location in our stadium for an avid fan that cares about both viewing pleasure and atmosphere.

    Even the best non-club seats on the east side are downright miserable for a majority of the season, as you're forced to absolutely bake in the sun.

    If you bought club seats on the east side, you are a total sucker. You are super high up, and if you actually want to go outside and watch the game, you will bake in the sun too. Definitely not worth the money they charged for those.

    West side lower bowl, while the location is phenomenal, is just a downright snooze fest. The rows are 10 feet wide, it's never more than half way full, and cheering is strongly looked down upon.

    The west side club, while largely more desirable than the east side club, is certainly nice, but the atmosphere (while not as bad as the lower bowl) is a total bore, and it's also not worth the price if you really take the time to consider what you get for it.

    If you care about our team, are willing to pay for great seats, but also want a fun atmosphere where you can cheer your ass off for the Frogs without being stared at, shamed, and told to sit down, there's really not a location in our stadium for you.

    Thanks a lot del conte.
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  11. you can change the atmosphere by using the +4 system to bring your friends into the “snooze fest” west side

    issue is that interest in season tickets is severely declining and the on field product hasn’t been great the last Few years
  12. I agree. The student section is the only location for a fun TCU enthusiastic atmosphere.
  13. Slightly OT but went to an Allen Americans hockey game Saturday. Most fun I've had at a sporting even in some time. TCU, especially football, could use some lessons from them in game day presentation.
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  14. Yes. Similar to the Champions Club, donors must already have seats in the SEZ Club to upgrade in that area.

    Go Frogs!
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  15. Westside 300s is where it's at!
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  16. Way too high.
  17. We are in the 300s...hoping to move down to all that empty space behind the player's bench. Top of the section.

    I post this as I wait for the Spousal Unit to finish her meniscus rehab session. It's always something.
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  18. I agree with all of this. Further, the stadium is broken up into too many chunks, all to make it look bigger than it actually is. The result is that fans are separated into clusters, and there is no continuity of "emotion" that perpetuates throughout and across the stadium. I hate Baylor's stadium and think it is low-budget, but they nailed the design in terms of fans influencing other fans to stand, cheer, yell, etc. Our stadium facilitates sitting, golf-clapping, and going through the motions when nearby peer pressure forces it.

    I would have rather had a smaller stadium, with 35K seats, in a traditional bowl design with some overhead cover to protect from the elements. It might look bad on paper (i.e., highlighting how small TCU is compared to other P5 schools) but it would be full every game, and the crowd noise would be excellent.

    Just my two cents.
  19. Yes and no. We could have still added shade over the east and west stands if they had designed it as such. I remember getting a survey early on and suggesting that very thing. However, in TCU's defense, we were in the MWC when the stadium was designed and we played mainly night games. Moving to the Big 12 created to problem of day games in September and October. Baylor was already playing in the Big 12 and designed thetr stadium with shade in mind. If we change our TV contract in the near future that will allow for traditional night games during the warm months the lack of shade won't be a problem.
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  20. For what? Are you blind?
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