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RBG dead at 83 - Roe v Wade next

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by The Degenerate Frog, Sep 18, 2020.

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  2. Incredibly disturbing and what I was talking about. Not one of these cowards would do that while alone.

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  3. Ok fake Vietnam vet

    This son of a real Vietnam Vet says

  4. At some point self defense kicks in. I would quickly throw it into reverse and then kick it in drive and if anyone was in the way then so be it. Breaking out the window should warrant any act of self defense.
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    I'm kinda like The Donald, I don't (can't) read all this stuff. I'd rather listen to Fox and Friend or my buddies at Mar Lago ... while cherry picking the things they say that I like. Then I'll tweet my amazing smartness... because I'm very smart... smarter than most everyone else.
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  6. RBG was a legend. An incredible justice, patriot & super-human force of nature. A monumental loss for humanity. RIP, Notorious.

    Dems now need to fight like animals to stop Trump and McConnell from taking the most despicably hypocritical action in American political history. This is WAR.

    Further, Dems need 4 (possibly 3 if Kelly wins the special election in AZ) Repub Senators to block an election-year/post-election appointment. Lets see if Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Gardner, Alexander, Rubio, Graham, Barrasso, Grassley, Sasse, Ernst, Tillis, Cornyn etc have a come-to-Jesus moment and show some character and integrity.

    Lastly, will McConnell risk pressuring them and call a vote before Nov 3 in a highly-charged election year when so many Repub Senators are on shaky ground? Will they go along? And if he waits till after the election, and the Senate changes hands, that'd be too late.

    Strap yourselves in....
  7. Or maybe if we address the root of the problem, and not the result... Many options that don't have to involve killing babies.

    1. Proper sex education
    2. More available birth control
    3. Easier adoption

    If we won't protect those that can't protect themselves, maybe we really need to take a deeper look at our society.
  8. We just started the adoption process. While most of the litigation and red tape is necessary, there has to be an easier way. It's overwhelming.
  9. You want war? Okay, well, I don’t think you’re going to like how that turns out. Unless you like a lot of dead Americans. Which is what abortion is, so I guess you may.
  10. Congrats! My wife and I went through the entire process when we thought we were going to adopt our nieces. It’s a long, ridiculous process but it’s the end result that makes it all worth it.
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    GOP is hypocritical, but Barry and Dems aren't? Dems wanted an election year appointment 4 years ago. Oops.

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  12. As I said in the election thread as soon as this was news, Dems will pull out ALL the dirty tricks to try to win. We thought Russian collusion, peeing hookers, lying lawyers like MA, fake impeachment was bad, wait and see.
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  13. Prohibition of anything rarely works. You can make alcohol illegal, but where there is a will there is a way. Either through dangerously made bathtub gin, bootlegging, etc. people found a way to drink booze. If medical abortions are made illegal, rich people will simply take a long weekend in Mexico and Canada. Many others will resort to some kind of home crafted means to terminate a pregnancy. The losers, as always, are the poor who often can least afford to take of a child appropriately.
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  14. I guess the exception is guns?
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  15. In 2016 the Republicans didn’t want to confirm a judge because they thought if they waited a Republican might be elected President. In 2020 if they wait a Democrat might win. It’s not hard to understand. Waiting is of no benefit to the Republicans and it could cause an enormous Constitutional Crisis if the Election is contested in the court with only 8 justices.
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  16. And knives

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  17. Honestly I can’t think of any exceptions. People who are hellbent to have them will have them, regardless of any prohibition.
  18. I disagree with the idea of a purely popular vote for president, and think 18 years is too high for term limits for other offices (though that might be worked out naturally with my other belief that we should make politics a volunteer endeavor, recognizing that we would need some way to counter the negative effect that would have on lower-income representation), but I like a lot of this post.

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