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RBG dead at 83 - Roe v Wade next

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by The Degenerate Frog, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Honest question, if the Democrats win and enact a mandatory confiscation of 20 + million guns (“buy back”), what percentage of people do you think will refuse and how many people will die as a result?
  2. 20 million guns? Are they only going for the ones in Wyoming?
  3. I keep getting texts from Beto operatives asking how I plan to vote. Guess Beto really believes he will be Biden’s gun czar.
  4. I stand corrected. Was thinking of the use of the seldom used reconciliation process, which passed by 56 votes.
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  5. Unusually restrained and appropriate response.

    Though he didn’t learn it from the media in that moment. Several aids swarmed him as he came off stage and no doubt told him exactly what to stay. Still, unusually disciplined and appropriate.
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  6. I think that’s fair. If our expectation is that the party in power can to do whatever they want, then so be it. I’d be fine if Mitch comes out says “I’m the senate majority leader, I was fairly elected and I can do whatever I want, and whoever doesn’t like it can go F themselves.” That’s fair.

    But if, and that’s a big if, the democrats ever get control of the houses and presidency again, then I think it’s fair if they stuff the Supreme Court with as many justices as they want.
  7. And then when the R's take back over they can stuff it back in their favor, and then when the D's are back in control...... politics is a scheissing beating.
  8. Wyoming??? I've got a buddy in Marble Falls who might have that many. :)
  9. I think that's just the number of guns that commit crimes by themselves.
  10. That’s definitely true, I have no doubt it would happen.

    Part of me wonders if it might be better political strategy for the republicans to wait until after the election. Then the Supreme Court seat can be a carrot to hold over the head of never-Trump Republican voters.
  11. Roe vs Wade isn't going to be overturned. The majority of Republicans in Congress don't even want it to be overturned. It's too valuable a campaign issue to them.
  12. Based on the make up of this court, even with a strong conservative replacement for RBG, it isn't enough to overturn Roe. Right now it would be a 5-3 decision against overturning, so unless Trump gets to nominate someone like Barrett and a replacement for Breyer I doubt it will be in danger from the court. Of course if Trump gets reelected who knows what the next 4 years will bring.
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  13. Mostly peaceful....


  14. [​IMG]
  15. The same Democrats who weaponized the intelligence community and spied on Trump’s campaign, are now concerned about “precedent”
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  16. Even before yesterday, this election was 100% headed for post-election riots regardless of the outcome.

    All RBG’s death has done is crank up the political temperature from “boiling inferno” to “nuclear meltdown.”
  17. Other than picking a woman, at first blush Trump seems to be selecting the worst* political option:

    *unless he already knows he doesn’t have the votes (we know he’s -2 with Collins and Murkowski, so he can only lose one more)

    I think it’s entirely possible the GOP is willing to trade the seat for the White House. A 6-3 Court and getting rid of The Chaos for a likely 1-term president *might* be a trade they’d take.
  18. I'm honestly more concerned at the moment about why liberals believe the answer to everything they disagree with is violence. And vileness.

    Barr's gonna take care of the other.
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    “13 Circuits 13 Justices” is a slogan I can imagine printed on a podium placard. (There are 11 numbered circuits, plus DC and Fed circuits, and I could also see 11/11). If Dems pack the Court, they should simultaneously launch a Court reform plan that includes a constitutional amendment setting term limits. Would be great for a Justice to rotate off September 30 of every year—effectively creating 13-year terms. Rather than require consent, I would write in that the Senate can only *block* a president’s nominee for a full 13-year term with a 2/3 vote. But keep the 50%+1 requirement for nominees to fill unexpired terms (due to death/resignation/retirement).

    I truly worry that The Republic is on an unsustainable path. And if we don’t engage in meaningful democratic reforms the current environment will never end. The system we have was designed to be slow but designed for an era much unlike ours. We can tweak some things and get some of the partisanship out of government. While we’ll never end partisanship, we can dilute it. The Court is the easiest place to start with the above reforms.

    On the legislative side:
    - Nonpartisan redistricting commissions would reduce gerrymandering and make elections more competitive. While true non-partisanship is impossible we can at least dilute it using these.
    - Term limits (though I’m fine with high ones because experience can be healthy — say 18 years total service in any 1 chamber).

    On the executive level:
    - Eliminate the anti-democratic electoral college and popularly elect a president. But couple this with a weaker executive.
    - Weaken executive power. In part by:
    - Limiting presidents to one 6-year term. End the awful/destructive re-election cycle.

    And election reform:
    - Cap spending. Get rid of outside groups. And limit elections as follows: 60 day general elections preceded by 60 day primaries preceded by a 10-day filing period. That’s it. Can’t file or raise or spend a dime until the filing period. End the endless/waste of money/very unhealthy horror show.
    - Increase ballot access for third parties.
    - Create more consistency in state voting laws to allow predictability and clearer communication. Half the problem with current laws is just how different things are from one state to another. I think everyone agrees voting should be easy AND secure. There has to be a way to end the constant fighting over what that means.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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