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RBG dead at 83 - Roe v Wade next

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by The Degenerate Frog, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. I think it specifically targets midwest and Florida Catholics and, to a far lesser extent, ecumenical protestants like Lutherans and Presbyterians. All three groups are notorious fence-sitters and can easily be swung from election to election.
  2. The point I believe the Biden campaign was making, which I believe is correct (but will leave to someone else to check), is that voting had already started when Ginsburg died.
  3. This is what the early polling seems to suggest. I’ve walked back from the ledge on my earlier prediction that RBG’s death would definitively prevent Dems from winning the senate.

    Exception IMO being senate races where the state demographics are opposite the incumbent senator’s party. I think Collins, Gardner, and Jones are sunk by RBG’s death and the vacancy — the latter two probably already were. So Collins seems to be the only one this is hurting. By forcing ACB through it takes the election issue away from the potentially competitive NC, AZ, IA, MT, AK, SC, and GA races in red/purple states with GOP incumbents.
  4. Ok. But I doubt it would have made a bit of difference in terms of Democrat's reaction if voting had not already started. In fact, I know it wouldn't have.
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  5. Well sure. Either party would’ve responded the same way. ACB will be on the Court in a month. It is what it is.
  6. SCOTUS will still be an election issue for those who care, which I do. Breyer is 82, Thomas is 72, and Alito is 70. Its not unthinkable that the next President may replace all three.
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  7. Alito is already 70, wow. Figured he was maybe 60.
  8. i think Barrett is pretty good looking, especially for a Supreme Court justice. kinda looks like a worn out Jennifer gardner.
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  9. There is a remarkable difference between conservative and liberal women in politics.
  10. She’s no Noem...but who is?
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