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RBG dead at 83 - Roe v Wade next

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by The Degenerate Frog, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Can't wait for the left to distance from this guy and others and claim it's like the racists on the right. The big difference is none of the idiot racists on the right have a blue check by their names.
  2. It is completely obvious that a few far left voices (who are not the mainstream of the Democratic party) are being intentionally amplified by the right to create some sort of anti-religion paradigm around the Democratic Party with regard to the Barrett nom. Ir is a lie and a desperate plea to change the topic because Trump is losing and a host of red-state Republican senators are at risk.

    The Democrats nominated a Catholic. He was at mass today while Trump played golf. Trump has called the pope “disgraceful” and uses the Bible as a prop. While Trump’s devout followers can’t see it, winnable voters do.

    There is no Democratic attack on people of faith. There is a Republican attack on democracy. On science. On facts. And on any faith that isn’t white evangelical christianity.
  3. We all know that Trump nominating and having the Senate confirm a third Supreme Court Justice will drive the ‘left’ completely bonkers.... and I love it.
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  4. I agree...the pope is disgraceful. Signed, former Catholic.
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  5. Glad he could go to Mass. In most blue states that would be a crime.
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  6. Can you imagine listening to Biden trying to sing hymns?
  7. First of all, Biden is not a good or faithful Catholic. He is classified under Church teachings as a "notorious public sinner" due to his support of legalized abortion. As such, he is not entitled to receive Communion when he goes to Mass and some priests have properly denied him Communion when he's tried to do so. Several American bishops have also banned Biden (and all other pro-abortion politicians, for that matter) from receiving Communion within the geographical boundaries of their respective dioceses. Frankly, in a better day and age than ours, Biden would've been excommunicated. You've heard of RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)? Biden is a CINO (Catholic in Name Only).

    Secondly, prominent Democratic politicians have waged a ferocious war on such people of faith as Amy Coney Barrett who was infamously castigated for her Catholic faith by Senator Diane Feinstein during the 2017 hearings to confirm her to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Feinstein snidely remarked to Barrett that "the Dogma lives loudly within you," a blatant violation of the spirit of Article VI of the United States Constitution, which states that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification" for any federal office. Feinstein's vicious attack on Barrett backfired on her and made Barrett a household name in conservative legal, political, and religious circles and ultimately led her to be named by Trump to the High Court. For the past three years, a number of devoutly religious White House staffers (both Catholic and Protestant alike) have proudly gone to their morning meetings with specially-made coffee cups emblazoned with "The Dogma Lives Loudly Within Me" on them. Ironically, Feinstein's bigotry "made" Barrett.

    Then, in 2018, Senators Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris (yes, her!) launched a similarly bigoted attack on Brian Buescher, a faithful Catholic, during hearings to confirm him as a federal District Court judge. Once again, that scurrilous tactic backfired as Buescher was not only confirmed as a judge but the entire Senate voted to reaffirm its support of Article VI in an unusual, stinging, and very personal rebuke to Hirono and Harris, two of its own members.

    Though Trump is obviously no saint, his administration has done more to advance the pro-life cause and to protect religious liberty than any other administration in history. He has thus earned and will receive the grateful votes of millions of Americans in November who support those causes. And, no, they aren't all "white evangelical Christians," as you put it, either. On the contrary, many of them are Catholics, Jews, and members of other religions as well, and they are black, white, brown, yellow, and red.
  8. Sometimes it's really unfair that you can only like a post once.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. This would explain his creepiness with children.
  11. So you believe the secular government should be anti-choice. And that’s the only thing that matters to you.

    See...didn’t need to type all those words.
  12. What about the science?

    Is abortion just one of those special cases where we should all agree that, yes, the science says we're killing unborn babies, but we just need to let that slide because if we don't allow that then it's going to create some problems we don't want to deal with.
  13. Was he hoping nobody would check?
    1988: I assume he's referring to Kennedy here. Seat vacated in 1987, Bork gets Bork'd, Kennedy confirmed in February, long before 1988 election was underway.
    1940: Murphy confirmed January, long before 1940 election was underway.
    1932: Cardozo confirmed February, long before 1932 election was underway.
    1916: Brandeis & Clarke confirmed over the summer.
    1912: Pitney confirmed in March.
    (Should I keep going on? Because you're gonna continue to see Summer / Spring / early Winter appointments, none occurring this late while the election was underway.)

    And look, this is the same dumb argument that the GOP tried to make in 2016, who are now hilariously arguing against themselves because why would we expect morals from partisans? The truth of it is there just isn't a lot of precedent for a Supreme Court seat being vacated this close to an election. Of course the actions taken here are unprecedented, pretty much anything we do here will be unprecedented because it really hasn't happened before, and besides it appears that nobody gives a crap about "precedent" now anyway.
  14. When is the election technically underway? I guess after both conventions? Would the reaction be any different if RBG died in, say, May or June?

    Not saying any argument is dumb or not, but I will say if the shoe was on the other foot the other party would be doing the same thing. On both sides.
  15. I'd say once votes start getting cast is when you can say it's "under way". The earliest voting in some states is something like 40-45 days before the election, and we're inside that window at this point.

    In May/June there would still be the whole "But 2016..." thing, but the "election is under way" line wouldn't really be appropriate, no.
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    Maybe they’ll ask Joe what he meant by election underway at his next press conference so there’s no speculation.

    I will say that most sitting congressmen on both sides seem to most often use “election year” as the gauge.
  17. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see an appointment really moving the needle in most races.
  18. Yep, everyone has been talking about during an election year.

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