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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. We're hiring a guy named 'Scoop'?
  2. We aren't that lucky
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  3. Decent but not great hire. Was let go along with the entire CSU staff with the coaching change after coaching there five seasons and is a good recruiter. Was at Louisiana Monroe before CSU and also coached at Montana State, Wyoming and Northern Colorado where he played.
  4. RB coaches in my opinion bring most their value on the recruiting trail. I know he’s been recruiting LA and TX for a long time but I have no idea if that meens he can get us into the living rooms of high level recruits. If he can’t it was flat out a bad hire. If he can well we’re alright. He just started following Dominic on Twitter
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  5. Everything Gary does is wrong.
  6. Very personable and liked by the players however he has never been at a school where he could recruit at a high level, CSU being his highest level. Been at it for 21 years already.
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  7. I am not saying it is wrong he took a safer route going with experience over a younger high riser.
  8. We traded Luper and Thomsen for Meach and a guy who just got fired.

    And we anxiously wait for Hamlet of Blacksburg.

    Cumbie still running the offense.

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  9. Dominic Richardson has already followed him on twitter so I am sure he was told this the other day.
  10. GP has never made a splash hire in the history of civilization. Wasn’t going to start now.
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  11. Part of coaching really not a reflection on him. Addazio is just bringing in his own guys.
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  12. Where is his playcalling experience? Thought that was a requirement?
  13. Things change and honestly, I have my doubts that a TCU job has any appeal to anyone who already has a P5 job....Oddly enough, splash hire types desire splash job types...This isn’t one.
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  14. The HC got fired.
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  15. I know. I played with his replacement in college.
  16. Very underwhelming in my book. I expect very little to change on the offense next year.
  17. If your handle means minimal frog, then your user name checks out.
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  18. I’m going to make a decision today that all these hires suck and not give anyone a chance to prove themselves including Patterson. Because I know better and I’m impatient as scheiss.

    -all y’all
  19. Worst coach in history.
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