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Ranking the schools after Conference Realignment

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by peacock, Sep 18, 2019.

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  2. lol, go back to the espn comment sections.

    Or Buzzfeed might be a good spot too
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  4. There is discussion out there about the coming new TV deals the Big Ten and Pac 12 conferences are currently being worked on.

    New TV Deal effective year:
    Big Ten: 2022
    Pac-12: 2023
    Big XII: 2024
    SEC: 2033
    ACC: 2036

    As a fan and a business person, I think now would be a good time to have Chris Del Conte and our burnt orange "friends" and an OU contingent go kick the tires over at Colorado and Arkansas and see if they both don't want to come home.

    With OU regularly going to the CFP and Texas being "back", I don't think UT and OU are going anywhere post 2024 because they know this Big XII conference seems to have an edge over the Pac 12 to get one of the four golden CFP tickets. I would like to see the Big XII go back to twelve teams and put two contingent state schools back in our mix. Colorado makes less money in the Pac 12 now than they would have sticking with Big XII. Arkansas was a long standing member of the Southwest Conference and does not even sniff championships in the SEC. We could make the money a non-issue for Arkansas if they came back.

    As a fan, I would enjoy playing away games in Boulder and Fayetteville. We had a great time visiting Arkansas when we beat them there 3 years ago.

    If Arkansas says no, I would go for Arizona State and the Pac 12 can go back to being the Pac 10 and no one will care.

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  5. Arkansas deserves being the bottom of the SEC. and without a recruiting entry into the State of Texas.
  6. Bring back the Border Conference and BUILD THAT WALL!
  7. Missouri instead of Colorado...contiguous to Iowa State and the Kansas schools, shares border with Oklahoma and keeps the Big 12 basically a Great Plains, mid-continent conference with isolated West Virginia being the only literal outlier....
  8. I enjoy reading comments that operate from the perspective that all these P5 schools are anxiously awaiting an invite from the B12
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  9. My vote

    Big XII North

    Big XII South
    UT, TCU, BU, TTU, CU, Arkansas

    Arkansas says no, then Arizona State

    Optional permanent cross over. I would pick K-State. Great fans, nice stadium, winnable away game, easy and inexpensive flights to KC. The annual Purple Bowl.
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  10. I'll pass on splitting the Big 12 money with them. More members less money to go around. Plus UCF should only be allowed to join only if they eliminated their stupid claim to winning a national championship.
  11. Big XII would only take another current Power 5 school. I wonder who the SEC would add if they lost Arkansas. Virginia Tech would be my guess and then the ACC may either force Notre Dame to become a full member or look at UConn.
  12. Pac schools are going broke. They are nearly on their knees already and UT and OU will have them begging to get into the Big12. It will be dealers choice.
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  13. I think the Big XII back a a quality 12 is good for TCU.
  14. Can't find your sarcasm marker.
  15. I've told Arky friends of my son's (who attended there) that they would be so much better off in the B12 and that they like being the wimp in the neighborhood who runs around with a couple of tough guys.. Now, I'm so sure we want them- the whole state won't bring any additional exposure, they suck bad and have for a good while, and they could eat into our recruiting base if added.. I say let them suffer in their misery..
  16. Wonder what will happen when Satellite and Cable are virtually dead when most everyone cuts the cord. I don’t expect many people outside the heart of SEC and ACC country are going to pay to stream those channels. I would expect revenue to drop sharply but I could be wrong.
  17. Let's hope Big 12 is savvy and smart enough to seize the opportunity.
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  18. Colorado ought to be a no-brainer. Better money, better travel, more visiting fans. Its administration and faculty congress is the barrier. They barely tolerate athletics at all--remarkable that Rick George (former Texas Rangers exec) has managed to build a decent program in Boulder.

    The faculty objection to the Big 12 is the academic reputation of its institutions. The CU faculty would rather forego conference revenue, visitor revenue, and travel savings to be aligned with UCLA, USC, Berkeley and Stanford. The Big 12 is viewed as academic slumming.

    I still think they could be persuaded, though, if an invitation came with an ultimatum that the Big 12 would extend an invite to Colorado State if Colorado declined. The idea of CSU gaining Power 5 status would be viewed as a real threat in Boulder, and would put pressure on the admin/faculty to consider how much of a better financial deal the Big 12 would be.
  19. I highly doubt many CU people care what conference CSU is in. I think their answer to that ultimatum would be "go for it and enjoy Fort Collins."
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  20. No SEC team will ever come to the Big12. Ever.

    What I don't understand is, why PAC & ACC teams aren't lined up at the Big12's door to get in? Better TV contract and keep your own tier 3 money. Tier 3 money would be huge at a place like Colorado or Arizona State. Or Clemson or Florida State. They are literally leaving $10million per year on the table.

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