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Ranking the schools after Conference Realignment

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by peacock, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. No surprise who is number 1!

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  2. I know he’s using different criteria. But I would argue that Utah should be 2 given where they were and where they are now.
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  3. Trying to rejoin the MWC
  4. Let's talk about Arkansas, who started this whole blasted thing. How's that worked out?
  5. Since we have an official realignment thread, would love to see Central Florida and USF in the big 12. I know they haven’t been around long but UCF seems to have it figured out. They look like a TCU program 10 years ago.
  6. It’s been 47 0 days since the last realignment thread.
  7. Tulane moved out of the SEC well before Arkansas moved in. How about that one?
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  8. The academies have proven to be overachievers. Put them in a P5 like the B12 and their recruiting base should increase to some degree and then we are in the middle of the pack viewership ranking amongst P5 leagues … instead of the 'little league, in numbers and viewership.
  9. TCU has positioned itself very well for whatever next shakeup occurs. I don’t think many (there always will be a few) can argue this has been the best overall run for the athletics program the last decade or so. Food for thought: What if TCU hadn’t been excluded in 1996? Where would the program be in comparison today? There’s always the question of whether you’d go back and change something and alter the course of history. Gut reaction is that the school would have been better off. Would it? Would the people who played such pivotal roles in the department even been involved? Could it be that being snubbed 20-some years ago is why this program has reached this height?
  10. I’m just not convinced that TCU is able to handle the week-in-week-out grind of the Big XII.
  11. Woah, not sure anyone’s ever thought of this before.
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  12. I think the Big XII survives post 2024. ESPN+ will be a factor and if OU, UT, and/or TCU wins a football national championship before 2024 that will cement it. Those three schools would prefer to keep their local rivalries and not send their non-revenue sports to Eugene, OR and Pullman, WA every other weekend and do that awful traveling requirement to their student athletes.

    Look for the Big XII to look at Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona State to go back to 12. Money talks and the Big XII is sitting strong. A one loss OU, UT, and TCU will get one of those 4 CFP spots every year and we only have to share that CFP revenue 10 ways not 14 like the SEC and ACC.
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  13. Yikes. We are all Frogs here. No reason to talk like this.
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  14. Yeah, I debated. Maybe coming in a little hot there. It was posted in a “give your buddies a ribbing” type of spirit. Sorry if it came across as more negative.
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  15. Realignment will probably bring 4 super conferences of 16 teams each. One of these 3 (ACC, PAC 12 and BIG 12) will disappear. Based on prior actions (no expansion, willingness of Texas to jump, related greed of the teams) I'm afraid it will be the BIG 12 and not all of the current members will be invited to those other leagues.
  16. And South Carolina left the ACC in the 1970s and was independent until joining the SEC in the 1990s....
  17. And Sewanee left long before Tulane, How did that work out?
    (Georgia Tech also left two years before Tulane)
  18. Also see Georgia Tech going independent in the 1950s in order to keep up with their intersectional rival, Notre Dame. Ope...
  19. Delete post, ban user.
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