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Random: When and How did Sports Hate enter your heart?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. This. Game was 46-0. We got 1 or 2 first downs and kicked a FG. The whole team piled on the kicker and I was like dang it's worse than I thought. Then they announced he'd set the record for points in a career.
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  2. I think it was later in the same game: We were already down to like our 3rd QB, Matt Vogler I think. He already had bum shouler. He's laying on the ground and some Aggie takes a shot directly on his shoulder, after the whistle. He got a 15 yard penalty but we lost or last viable QB and were complete toast at this point. I can't help but think he was coached into doing that. I also remember it being like 7 degrees that Thursday night. I already hated Aggie, but this made it worse.
  3. My dad took me to a rockets game and we sat courtside. I was 6 or 7. Before tipoff Calvin Murphy comes over and asks if we wanna go meet Hakeem the Dream. We say yes and meet Clyde drexler along the way who at the time played for the blazers.

    After going into the locker room and meeting Hakeem I was hooked and then when the rockets won the title that year and the following year I was hooked by sports for life.

    I became hooked on TCU football after attending my first game... the 2005 season opener in Norman.

    Edit: thought it said sports love not hate. Sorry.
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    Answering the OP correctly now..

    I didn’t have a real sports hate until I became a college FB fan I think. I first felt it walking down Guadalupe street in Austin before the football game there in 2006(?).

    UT was at the height of the Mack Brown era and TCU had racked up a lot of wins in the mwc but still needed to prove itself to the “big boys” as they said... and of course Andy Dalton’s first road game against this UT team had a lot of tension already packed into it.

    The usual UT fan condescension aside, my wife who doesn’t really like sports (then my gf) and I were walking down Guadalupe looking for lunch when a UT student rolled down his window as he was passing, yelled “F&$@ TCU!!!” and threw a bunch of garbage at us. This made her ready to leave before the game even started which made the rest of the day tough. Losing the game to Colt McCoy and the referees in the second half made a hard day worse.

    Could not care less if UT is good or not. I keep hoping a cavernous sinkhole will open up and eat their giant, ugly football stadium.
  5. Blurring the line between sports-hate and hate-hate here.
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  6. Yankees in the 90’s against the Rangers probably the first for me. College football is probably BYU or Boise during our MWC years. Tech in 06 dealing with those fans as well. Lots of football hate came in within a couple year period.
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  7. Growing up as a fan of the Cowboys, I first hated the Philadelphia Eagles. Because of Buddy Ryan. That hate subsided.

    When Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson, I hated the Cowboys. Since Jerry is still there, the hate lives on.
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  8. Easy for me. Grew up a UH fan. Raised on the Yoeman veer. November 6, 1976. Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX
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  9. Back in the 80s I decided to go to a TCU / Baylor game in Waco. Finding the stadium was the first chore. It wasn't on campus, it was in Waco's version of Fair Park called, of all things, "Beverly Hills"! Finally found the stadium. It was in the middle of a grass field with no paved parking. I jumped a curb parked in the grass and paid $5 for the privilege. Walking up to the stadium entrance, there were individuals handing out religious pamphlets which basically said the catholic church was the anti christ and god was a woman. So I thought OK....Sitting in my seat I noticed a small airplane with a banner was buzzing the stadium. The banner said "Sammy Bickham was right". Sammy Bickham was a disgruntled Baylor player that had just left the team. During the invocation, the Baylor invocationist prayed for the the Baylor team and coaches and a victory. In a deep southern accent, "and Lord Jesus be with our Baylor Bears today".......We were down by a score in the third quarter and driving, when the officials took a time out and Grant Teaff got on a live mike and solicited donations for an injured player, and they passed plastic buckets through the crowd.

    Needless to say TCU lost and on my way out I gave a "friendly wave" to a local Beverly Hills resident. He then proceeded to chase me out of town with his shotgun out the window of his car. He made his point, I've never been back.

    To this day, even if I meet the nicest person in the world, if he says he went to Baylor, I clam up and this pained look washes over my face.
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  10. Wow...What a story!
  11. Watching SMU's Pro Team blow the Frogs out in the first game of the season in the Cotton Bowl.

    I still hate those azzhats!
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  12. How about just shortening this to everybody else.
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  13. Dwyane Wade shooting more Free Throws than the entire Mavs team in the finals.

    The entire city of St. Louis can get nuked tomorrow.
  14. 81-16
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  15. Agreed. In fact, I'm am certain that act is why the Republic did not last.
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  16. Aggies. My older brother-in-law (BIL) is a gung-ho aggy. In college in the mid 60's they were a curiosity and laughable, then under Stallings they had a good year and my BIL really rubbed it in.(That started 50 years of experiencing aggy being terrible winners) Then TCU football started its long roll to the dumps and aggy hired Emory Ballard and miraculously :rolleyes: all these top prospects (would have been 4*/5* only they did not have that rating system in the early 70's) began signing with aggy. That was the start of the cheating machine that makes a$m what it is today in football. Lots and lost of grief from BIL (and sister who by then had gone full retard/aggy. Later, along with Sherrill and other aggys they hated Wacker, claiming he was actually behind some payments and just turned it in because he was going to get caught anyway. Bad coach,anyway that Wacker, they would say, parroting Sherril. Then when Slocum becare their coach and explained that TCU had higher graduation rates that a$m was because TCU was a lot easier. MY BIL often reminded me of that. Often.

    Off the family beat, lots of aggy hubris everywhere through the years. A car sales woman who was trying to sell me a car while I was wearing a TCU sweatshirt happily told us the old "What do grads from other schools call a&m grads?...BOSS! Har-de-har-har" I still hear that sorry joke every once in a while. BTW, we did not buy the car!

    When my daughter was going through orientation in '98, there were things for the parents. The head of on-campus living was there and quickly announced she was a proud aggy. Later when it was mentioned that Riff Ram was the oldest cheer in the SWC, she interrupted and said that could not be true that it was probably an aggy yell: "Rooool ARMY", performing all the hand gestures with great enthusiasm.. Remember at this time she was an employee of TCU, paid by TCU, talking to parents who were forking over a lot of money for their kid to come to TCU.

    And too many other aggy atrocities and depravities to mention.
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  17. I always wonder why I think of "The Gong Show" when I read your posts.
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  18. My hate for bama started in high school. Auburn is a team I have followed since early high school.
    Have been a TCU die hard since 6th grade. Helps that my father is a big TCU fan. (obviously, my going to TCU was just as exciting for him).
    Oddly enough, don't dislike SMU the school, but do not like that team or that band.
    and, of course, there is that crap camp in waco.
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  19. Never really hated aggy as much as just very annoyed with them. Half their "great aggy traditions" are just versions of traditions I knew about growing up in a military family.
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  20. Don't really have sports hate, but a few people in sports almost changed that for me.
    Darrell Royal for one when he called my Frogs "co--roaches" after we caused him to lose NC in 1961.
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