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R.I.P. Christopher Plummer, a nice look back...

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by BrewingFrog, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. From the wonderful Mark Steyn: https://www.steynonline.com/11036/edelweiss

    I always thought Plummer was a fabulous actor, who did the Big Roles with aplomb (He got the English Perfecta, playing both Nelson and Wellington) and vanished into other roles so effectively you forgot he was playing a part.
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  2. I’m sad BrewingFrog. I have weird tastes in movies. I loved Plummer in the Pink Panther and in Star Trek The Undiscovered Country. Total opposites on the acting spectrum.

    No matter what, he was a great actor. One for the ages.
  3. Oh, he must have had a grand time shooting that film. Chewing up scenery with Shatner?
  4. Battle of Britain
  5. Yes, where he played a Canadian pilot!
  6. Very talented actor. We spent most of covid lockdown watching movies every night, donating way too much money to Amazon Prime. Anyway a while back we saw him in The Silent Partner where he plays a very weirdo bank robber. Wife kept saying you sure that’s Christopher Plummer?
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  7. I enjoyed his 2015 film "Remember" where in the lead role (an 89-yo Auschwitz survivor - dementia patient too) goes on a "get back" odyssey from NY City to Lake Tahoe CA. A thriller too.

    Rotten Tomatoes gave it a Critics 69 and Audience 79. I'd give it an 88.


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