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Purdue v Nevada

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Good seeing everyone today. Fired up for tomorrow.

    Watching Purdue v Nevada.

    Nevada moving the ball but down 10-0 at the end of the first.

    I think our lines will dominate Purdue.
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  2. Watching it and looking for some physicality. TCU should maul them. Not as good as Minnesota a couple of years ago.
  3. Don’t disagree but I also don’t think we are as good as 2015 (assuming you meant the ‘15 Gopher squad...not ‘14).
  4. Purdue looks pretty formidable to me, bruh. They look physical and athletic, definitely a handful. We can beat them but, if we’re not sharp and on task, it’s a loss.

    Let’s hope we come out ready tomorrow night focused and ready to execute.
  5. Nevada should stop the bubble screens...they suck at them.
  6. About time for some Malik Henry...
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  7. But are we better than TCU a couple of years ago?
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  8. The old two players with the same number on the field penalty. Happened to us with K-State some years back. It's the only penalty that I know that can end called after the fact. Don't like that aspect of it.
  9. Aaaaaaand ANOTHER bubble screen that loses yards from Nevada.
  10. Nevada QB is terrible. He is making some really dumb throws yet Purdue is not capitalizing
  11. Wide open TD for Nevada
  12. Wide open TD on a wheel route for Purdue, no one covering him
  13. Wow, you’re good, you can tell all that from less than a half against a crappy MWC team, both playing their first game?
  14. NV rushes three and drops eights, and all of the underneath guys let him run right by them with no one in front of them as a threat. smh
  15. Nevada's punter has 2 punts now that have been downed at the 1
  16. Nevada is just giving them the easy 5 yard catches. No pressure at all
  17. Flipping back to Denison v Sherman
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  18. I've kind of had the opposite impression, to be honest. We have the capacity to be more physical and significantly more athletic. Moore is a great athlete but otherwise, they don't look like world beaters.
  19. Rushing three isn't gonna get it done.
  20. Damn TEs are good

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