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Protesters march down Berry Street to TCU!

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Brog, Jun 20, 2020.

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  2. Apparently not important enough for those of us who don’t pay for the news.
  3. The good news this protest will have cured all of the systemic racism and we won’t have to worry about it anymore...
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  4. My favorite part about protesting is how you can't catch the Covid while doing it.
  5. Those that received full scholarships are protesting? What an unappreciative bunch of (censor)!
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  6. Are we sure that wasn't just the line for Fuzzy's? Gets pretty busy on Friday night and then if everyone has to be 6 feet apart this is what you get.
  7. One protester was not only a graduate on full scholarship but also went back to TCU to earn her MBA. So she REALLY got screwed over it sounds like.
  8. This is nothing...I used to protest down Berry every Sat when the bars closed
  9. Protesting things that truly show wrong doing can gain empathy and support. But to throw a dart at the wall and then protest where the dart lands can lead to the public tuning it out. Overstepping does not gain support to a cause but alienate those one is trying to gain support from.

    just my .002
  10. She is welcome to renounce and return her degrees, and have TCU purge her from the record, remove TCU from her resume and answer no to college on future job application. If it really was so bad.

    Doesn't give me a warn and fuzzy feeling donating to support scholarships.
  11. Protesting is easy, addressing issues such as illegitimacy, crime, drugs and education that have plagued the minority communities for generations requires a lot more effort.
  12. Looks like a peaceful and orderly march. Got no problem with that, even the TCU graduates, although I do have to say that basically all of the community scholarships go to minorities.
  13. "For to whom much is given, much is expected".....Evidently, that message failed to resonate with this uniquely

    entitled individual. Apparently, enough will never be enough.
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  14. If they protest peacefully I have no problem what so ever.
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  15. How pathetic. 2 dozen "protesters" showed up?

    All set up and staged for the "news" to get all the best shots. Simply a Media agitprop event.
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  16. Old white dude here, had to work 365 days a year to pay for TCU, has to be a grounds for protest.
  17. friend tells a story about being part of a business meeting at the naval base in washington state that was the home of some missile boats.

    meeting gets done early and their military escort asks them if they wanted to go see the protest before they left the base. friend and his two partners say yes and they are driven to a remote fence line where you have a group of mp's on one side, group of people on the other, and there was even a truck from the commissary providing coffee and doughnuts for the entire group.

    as the hour approaches two news vans come down the road, the protesters put down their coffee cups, pick up their signs and start marching, mp's go to their posts and this goes for 10 minutes until the two news reporters get the footage they need, they leave, and the protesters walk back to their cars and leave as well
  18. I understand, but please don't let these few malcontents determine your feelings or your path forward. With their protests and bullying demands, they are seeking to extort money and benefits from the government, schools, businesses, and society. They are ungrateful for what they have been given and will never be satisfied. They do not represent the majority of graduates from TCU. The Community Scholars and STEM Scholars programs at TCU provide full-ride scholarships mostly to minority students from families in which no one has ever graduated from college. These scholarships have to be earned with the student's work in school and in their communities and they have to pass successfully through the same admissions process and be accepted into TCU the same way as all other TCU students in their class. Personally, I believe these scholarship programs deserve our support and I would like to see them expanded. If we want to see something done about some of the issues this country faces, supporting these scholarship programs are an excellent place to take action and not just talk. Go Frogs!
  19. Yes, it's much safer at The Donald's indoor rally, where only 10% of those Bozos wear masks, than 80 % of those 'criminal' demonstrators wear masks.... is that right ?
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  20. It's almost like politicians have zero interest in actually fixing problems so they can eternally campaign on and fundraise on those issues.
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