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PressBox DFW: TCU was right to speak up in Robinson case

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I am reminded of the trail of destruction left by the cartoon Tasmanian Devil...
  2. Thanks Gil. This makes it make (a little bit) more sense as to why Baldwin's was denied.
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  3. "But in June, somewhat surprisingly, the loophole prudently was narrowed. The NCAA announced it had clarified some of its guidelines, adding the words “documented extenuating, extraordinary and mitigating circumstances” to the requirements for waiver requests."

    the ncaa should have just simply come out and said that the only way a student athlete would be immediately eligible to play would be is you have completed your undergraduate degree.

    stop with the obscure requirements and definitions, stick with what is simple and easy to understand.

    you can transfer to where ever you want and when ever you want, but to play immediately you have to have completed your under grad. otherwise you have to sit a year.

    simple, easy, incentive for the student athlete to get their degree.
  4. Like J Hurts to OU. Kid handled his business in the classroom.
  5. exactly, i know the coaches don't like the transfer portal, but it isn't going away.

    take away the ambiguity of the appeal process and reward the desired behavior from the players.
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  6. Having been allowed to transfer to three different high schools reeks of parental pampering and is indicative of

    an exaggerated sense of entitlement. If things don't go his way, he simply cuts and runs.
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  7. We didn't come to play school....
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  8. Gil is right to focus on Robinson’s feckless question: “Why not?”

    Yeah, why not trash the reputation of a coach, program and institution if you get what you want? That attitude speaks volumes. Never mind the damage, hell never mind the truth of the matter. Just massage your story until it fits into an NCAA pigeon hole. Done with that dude and his family who I truly believe are all up in this.
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  9. All this over a guy who was a bad player.
  10. SR and the Family attitude are, I would say, expected. It is Mizzou and their staff going along with it that is the real issue. I always considered the lofty world of the A.D.s to be free of such skullduggery and underhandedness. Looks like I was wrong...
  11. Anyone who justifies trashing a man's and a program's reputation with "why-not" deserves to be thrown into the proverbial dumpster fire with the other garbage.
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  12. I like this kid and his helicopter parents even less than I did before.
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  13. and to think I was all in for this guy when he committed. what a buffoon (me),
  14. I would support his request for a waiver if he would publicly say who he was throwing it to at Texas.
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  15. No Cheez-It Bowl ring for sleazy Shawn!
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  16. There was a guy in my high school that got expelled for that.
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  17. That the University of Missouri would behave in this way is not surprising really. It's a crapphole institution in a crapphole state. Missouri has become an eyesore right in the middle of the country. St Louis, and KC on the other side have become well documented crime infested disasters. Its flagship university is lowly ranked (far, far behind TCU). They brag about their retention rate, yet have an abysmal graduation rate. What's funny, U of M journalism school is rated #1 by journalist themselves, and they hang their hat on this in order to delude themselves with the East coast Ivy league types that they wish they could be. SR moved to the perfect school. Good riddance.
  18. Just for handling it?

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