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PressBox DFW / Gil Lebreton

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. What’s crazy is that he still has the link to pressbox in his bio and labels himself the co-founder & exec
  2. Even people that have called him out on it on Twitter don’t get any response. Dude is a huge POS imo
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  3. Probably advised by their attorney's to say nothing.
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  4. A formerly mediocre columnist who was part of the crazily overpaid old-world newspaper universe, whom TCU spent WAY too much time and effort getting close to for minimal benefit, now washed up and deserves exactly 0 attention from anybody.
  5. Gil was a great sports writer. I loved many of his articles. Don’t get what happened to him though with the PressBox. Surprised he didn’t just straight up say our overhead is killing us and we have to shut it down and then moved on. I knew going in that a startup was risky and wasn’t worried about my small subscription fee. Still, wasn’t a good look for him.
  6. Agree. I understand starting a new venture is hard. Sports writing is a very tough field these days. However, he should have at least written a final post saying the site was going to end. Just say that he fought the good fight, but PressboxDFW was not sustainable. Weird that he has just peaced out and never said anything.
  7. Wrong.
  8. I like Gil. I liked his columns.
  9. This. Classless.
  10. I called him out a few times on Twitter. He's been fairly contrite.
  11. Meh. Dude was still collecting auto renew for his site while on a trip to Hawaii. POS imo
  12. I agree. Bad take
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