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PressBox DFW: About this Patterson-Cumbie kerfuffle . . .

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. no. he threw him under the bus
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  2. Do you really think this is the motivation or are you just wishing it so?
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  3. Called taking responsibility, should have been happening years ago. It’s not as easy when you’re the one answering questions.
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  4. What GP did to SC at the presser is a precursor to showing him the door..Book it..

    He’ll try to get through to the off season but it’s coming..Somethings you can just feel..
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  5. He should have been fired after last season.
    His offense is predictable, unimaginative, and seems to be based on what he wants, not on what the players on the field can do.
    Two plays I hope I never see again: The screen on first down and the fade route. The screen is predictable and always well defended and we don't have the players for the fade. Our OC should know this, I do.
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  6. Somebody from Oklahoma refresh my memory but it was either Mondays or Tuesdays when Mike Stoops and Lincoln Riley (and Brent Venables and others) spoke to the media. Was something that was a regular part of the program. And I'm on record many times saying that it should be that way anywhere there's a big time program and coaches are being developed for next-level work. Gil (and Mac if the headline is indicative of the content) correctly identifies what GP did here and it was petty.
  7. I’m going to disagree. I wish that was the case but my gut tells me that this was emotional GP making a bad choice, or a series of bad choices. SC knows what a coach deals with in terms of people making judgments and open forum critiques. He’s been around the game long enough to have seen it before.

    This was just poor leadership and GP showed his ass on this one. I hope to see him acknowledge this scheiss up and set about righting the ship.
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  8. I think the wild frog calls were nuts. but gp has on a headset and he can stop any play he wants to stop. that's called taking responsibility as the head coach. gp seems to prefer to throw his oc under the bus. its a very bad look; and worse it destroys the coaching staff and team chemistry. I hope Kelsey gives him a talking to tonight. he won't listen to anyone else.
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  9. Both & neither.
    I personally think it is not motivation, nor am I wishing it is. But I’m no football coach & GP is and he’s earned our trust. So I’d un-officially call this one-off a thrown elbow & move on.
  10. I'm siding with the guy that built the program regardless.
  11. Don’t see how this particular situation lends itself to “siding” with or against anyone.
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    Cumbie’s a big boy making an obscene salary. He can and should be able to face the fire

    I’m much less disturbed about this than his play calling.
  13. We have some team issues that need to be resolved within the staff, and on the part of some experienced players. Issues that need to be fixed fast.
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  14. Amy sherman-palladino

    He can apologize only after Cumbie is shown the door.
  15. GP is a man in the twilight of his career who is frustrated that the things that used to work don’t quite work anymore...What happened yesterday, at both the game and the presser, was the reality that the answer to his problems lies some place he’s never been before.

    Cumbie is in the beginnings of his career where he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the wall and he has no clue of how to make it all work together. Not only that, he doesn’t have a soul he can go to and find the answers to his questions..

    GP made a bad hire and now needs to own that..
  16. I believe he has by his demeanor for the past couple of weeks - Cumbie is gone after this season.
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  17. he might get demoted after the Kansas or Iowa state game. its a weird weird place these days
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    Gary pulled this crap last year.

    The real problem here is Gary won’t modify to the changing game. Balanced offenses eat him up. If the offense goes to crap as Cumbie typically does, then Gary panics...during and after the game.
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  19. If we get things going against KU and the offense plays well, I am curious to see if SC gets to answer more postgame ?s.

    This is also where our AD needs to step in today and ask what is going on. If we are going to get back on track, our coaches must work together better. If they cannot do it, then make changes sooner not later. This can still be a successful season but everyone needs to get on the same page.
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  20. Holy [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] man, that's harsh. Is this a ginger joke or a character joke? From all accounts I've seen/hears he's blonde and nice guy.

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