Prediction Thread: Frogs v Cats

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  1. This is a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]show of misremembering
  2. Changing my prediction to 31-21
  3. BEAT ksu
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  4. Yeah that's what I was referring to. Ron's post of 2015
  5. Whatever Vanderbilt did, let's do that but even better.
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  6. Guessing here? Going to watch the recording tonight.

    • 1st and 10 at TEX 34
      (6:44 - 3rd) Jesse Ertz run for 4 yds to the Texas 30

    • 2nd and 6 at TEX 30
      (6:44 - 3rd) Jesse Ertz pass complete to Dominique Heath for 8 yds to the Texas 22 for a 1ST down

    • 1st and 10 at TEX 22
      (6:44 - 3rd) Jesse Ertz run for 3 yds to the Texas 19
    • (4:50 - 3rd) Timeout KANSAS ST, clock 04:50
    • 2nd and 7 at TEX 19
      (4:50 - 3rd) Alex Delton run for 16 yds to the Texas 3 for a 1ST down
    • 1st and Goal at TEX 3
      (4:50 - 3rd) Alex Delton run for 1 yd to the Texas 2

    • 2nd and Goal at TEX 2
      (3:37 - 3rd) Alex Delton run for 2 yds for a TD, (Matthew McCrane KICK)
  7. Give me...
    TCU 31
    KSU 20
  8. TCU- 38
    KSU- 24
  9. Frogs eighty-tree, EMAW two. Inspiration from mini-Ditka helps the D pitch a shutout. Safety happens late so we can give them charity points without hurting defense stats.
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  10. Thanks, I think. What's my total?
  11. It's impressive but I'll have to get back to you with your total. Suffice it to say that you are dominate right now and I can't see how you could possibly loose.
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  12. OT
    TCU 31
    KSU 28
  13. TCU 34
    KSU 23
  14. 42-17 Frogs. I hope they pace these guys when we are on offense. KSU is beat up going into this game. If Alabama can smoke Ole Miss this year, why can't our Frogs smoke the next three football teams we play? We are here to win championships right? I'm a huge fan of KU, KSU, and Iowa State, but this season, no mercy.
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  15. As CGP said last week, Frogs go to Kansas and try to win by one.

    Cats don't cooperate as their late turnover turns into a FG for Frogs, and a last-play Hail Mary interception in the end zone seals a nail-biter.

    TCU 20, KSU 16
  16. Part of the reason that UT was able to succeed was that KSU was aggressive in trying to get pressure and left massive holes for Ehrlinger to run through. Hill hasn’t been a decisive runner this season, but Cumbie should be in his ear about taking first downs when the defense offers them.

    The article from the Kansas newspaper posted today says that their defensive ends have yet to record a sack this season. I trust our tackles against that kind of pass rush.
  17. Game would normally scare the crap out of me, but an 11:00 kick with fans getting drenched should mitigate some of that home field advantage.

    I think we'll see a relatively boring ball control game like the Arkansas game.

    Give me 27-16 Frogs.
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  18. TCU 45 - Kansas State 17. This will be the most dominant game of the season on both sides of the ball for the Frogs. Oooozing with confidence. Beginning to believe in themselves. Go Frogs!
  19. I don't want the Frogs to have a play with an empty backfield.

    I don't want the frogs to have four possessions before they get a first down.
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  20. I knew that every game would not be blowouts for the Frogs. That said I had them up 2 scores on West Virginia but since it was close I will take the Frogs big here vs K State. 55-17 The rain may make this prediction a joke but i feel the concentration from the team as I meditate each day. Just go out and play hard and smart. No need to drive a Flag stake into the logo on the 50 after the game.

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