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Post Iowa State odds for the rest of our games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 9, 2019 at 11:09 AM.

  1. Favored in 3 of the last 7 and less than a FG dog in 2 more

    +1 at Kansas State

    +2.5 vs. Texas

    +6.5 at Oklahoma State

    -2 vs. Baylor

    -1.5 at Texas Tech

    +18.5 at Oklahoma

    -9 vs. West Virginia
  2. Will a bookmaker let me put my house on OU at -18.5?
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  3. I’ll take UT -2.5 and I’ll put my salary on it. (And I don’t think UT are world beaters)
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  4. Yeah, we looked so good against a running QB! I heard that UT QB isn't too bad at that.
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  5. I think we are the kind of team that’s always going to be a hard read by Vegas.. We were +3.5 last week and got boat raced and embarrassed...I’ve heard it said that the most difficult teams for Vegas to get a read on are the teams who success and failures are so completely tied to the QB position..We are solid enough at most positions that with good QB play we can be in every game outside of OU..But we don’t know who’s going to show up at QB or OC most weeks
  6. Let's talk about a few things:
    1) Why in gods name was Mathis hyped so much? We built this dude a statute before he did a freaking thing. Why do we act like we have Demarcus Ware on the roster before we ever saw him play? SO scheissing exhausting

    2) Why is Reagor on the roster? Our use of him is deplorable. That alone should cost Cumbie a job. It's incredible that the phone lines aren't backed up over this. I will pay one of you to ask GP how he justifies making 5 million a year while squandering a first round talent at receiver like we currently are. He'll never have to answer for it because this program is complacent and he's a glorified DC.

    3) How we can be so consistently bad offensively in this conference should have everyone up in arms. Do you know how easy it it to be competent in this conference? Gary is getting a 4 year pass for not having a competent offense and I cannot fathom why. Guess he can't be expected to walk over to the side of the practice field. "Ask Sonny."

    4) Why are we always "growing them up?" We don't do that well as this year has shown. my god.

    5) Blackshear has been a real terror. Opposing OC's stay up all night scheming around him.

    6) This was heralded preseason as possibly gary's best defense ever. LMAOOOOO. This defense absolutely sucks. The secondary was supposed to be the strength of this team and they have been absolutely garbage. It's fine- keep promoting from within it's worked so well the last 4 years.

    How people in FW are not sounding alarms over this is beyond me. The fact that we are favored over Baylor right now is hysterical. I'm on my way to deposit my entire 401K on Baylor
  7. Why? Weren’t we a dog by 3 to ISU? Look how that turned out.
  8. I was saying that in jest. I have no idea how those lines are accurate. To your point we were way worse than 3 point dogs vs. Iowa St. I see the same thing for all of lines where we are slight favorites or dogs. Someone is probably going to make a lot of money betting against the frogs the rest of the way. However, I don't think the sky is falling like a lot of people. I do think we will be competitive in most of the games vs. teams not named UT and OU.
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  9. I wouldn’t bet on this team in any direction. Except I might take OU on the 18.5.
  10. We beat baylor and texas. We beat them all. Kick ass and let em burn.
    Either you're all in or you're not. I'm all in! Let's Go! Eat Death.
    Beat Kansas State!
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  11. I will wake up on every game day thinking we will win. But darn sure ain't betting $$$ on it.
  12. Gotcha. Missed the joke.

    The lines didn’t make sense to me as they were set. Was just curious what your thoughts were.
  13. I'll have what you're having, please.
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  14. There was a picture posted during "fall" camp of Mathis and I posted something like "looks too small" and got destroyed. Dude had gotten hyped like he's Myles Garrett coming out of HS

    It's really really hard for me to understand what happened to Gladney and Gaines this season. Gladney is like a shell of himself and Gaines looks like his head is in the clouds half of the time
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  15. Let me simplify it for you. Freshman QB and our D Ends suck. All problems emanate from there.
  16. I've noticed that when GP publicly pumps up a guy from kind of out of nowhere like he did Mathis, it's not always a great sign. Might very well be a motivational tactic for a kid that is struggling and needs some confidence. And the ones where he points out all the mistakes they are making, those are usually the ones you don't have to worry about.
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  17. I don’t remember what the exact quote was, but something along the lines that he has potential to be one of the best DE’s TCU has ever seen seems like more than a confidence booster. Maybe he gets there eventually, but it was certainly high praise. Of which he’s unfortunately not even remotely living up to the statement.

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