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Positives on the season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Watching tonight it’s obvious that even just getting the offense to above average instead of bad, can make us Big 12 title contenders. We have some huge positives on this team:

    - Moehrig and Washington are absolute superstars and young ones at that.

    - Barber and Davis have world class speed and can’t wait to see them utilized in a top notch scheme. I did like putting Barber at RB for a play tonight

    - Duggan. He didn’t have a good game tonight but the staff I think was concerned with his ball security in the rain. He didn’t get to run much and didn’t take many deep shots.

    - Pro Wells is a matchup nightmare and should targeted over and over again in the red zone.

    - It looked like Mathis was coming on a bit at the end of the year. Hope he takes the next step in the offseason.

    - Wallow got better and better each game after the KState debacle. Is a definite all conference type player.

    - The offense HAS to be better next year right? That alone should make this team win at least half of the 1 score games we lost this year.
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    -I saved money that I would’ve spent at a bowl game.

    I can now spend that on women and blow.
  3. This offense won’t get better without a new OC.

    We had basically 7 plays this season.

    - deep streak that would be overthrown 10 yards
    - throwing fastballs on swings and RB releases for incompletion
    - wild frog
    - criminally neglecting Darius Anderson
    - redzone fade
    - neglecting our TEs like Pro Wells
    - shank punt 25 yards or Song FG
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  4. Harsh, but hard to dispute.
  5. Washington has amazing ball skills with his size I wonder if shut down corner isn't a better place for him. The defensive Back 7 looks to have a very promising future
  6. We have some ball hawks at safety. If Noah Daniels is healthy and ready to go next season our secondary is going to be scary good.
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  7. All I asked for on here and 247 was to have an average offense. We didn’t and here we are. Positives are some guys are leaving because our younger dudes seem to be really good
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  8. You realize Santa is not real, right? I used to ask for mommy and daddy not to fight. Santa never delivered on that one either.
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  9. Artayvious Lynn is a player who could take his game to an even greater level if he puts in the time in the offseason to work on his route running and using his body better to shield the defender and going to the ball. Next season we will have experienced TEs in Wells and Lynn and should make sure we take full advantage. This aspect needs to become a key component of the offense.

    I believe our LB group will be as strong as it has been in some time. I expect Winters and Wilson to improve and Harris should be a solid substitute. This along with Wallow should be a strong defensive unit. At times this season, the young-ins were taken advantage of but this should improve if they put in the time in the off season.

    I think Sandy will get better with another off-season. He showed glimpses of putting it together this season and so think he has received enough experience to where he can tweak his game to become a steady and strong punter.

    Duggan also has the potential to take the next step with regarding to his passing especially on the deep ball. One would expect him to improve in that area along with some decision making. Next year he needs to become a clear leader of the team that is getting on players to do things right and so on.
  10. And hurdling skills. And nunchuck skills.
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  11. TMI
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  12. Doesn't help for next season but Song was solid this year.
  13. BUT...we ran those plays extremely slowly to win B12 TOP champs!
  14. Are you having a good time? You seem to be enjoying yourself with these comments.
  15. I’m living my best life. Thanks for asking!
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  16. This is the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] that excites me. Ball hawk
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  17. Love it when a player can tweet for himself instead of having daddy do his bidding.
  18. TCU TEs were the biggest positive of the season position wise.
  19. Or women that blow
  20. They don’t have women and blow at lower tier bowl locations?
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