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Porter Brown puts his name in the Transfer Portal :(


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I think he should have had more playing time. We wasted so many games playing guys in left field with NO chance of getting a hit, while Brown sat on the bench with a real chance of hitting. He proved it over the years. He had a great Big 12 Tourney in 2021 and had several big hits over the years. 10 RBIs in one game! Come on coach. I wish him well and hope he does not land at a conference opponent.

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I wish Porter had started much more and always wondered why he didn't. My only theory was that his studies kept him away from practice until the semester came to an end. That was always when he caught fire


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Who were the other black baseball players before Porter Brown?
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Because I remember reading an article written during Black History Month about the black "pioneers" in TCU sports programs. The "firsts" in track and basketball were mentioned, along with former and current black athletes on TCU basketball, football, and track teams.

Baseball wasn't mentioned. Just curious where Porter Brown fits in--the first, or one of many.

Note: The article was written by a "Killerfrogs" specialist.