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Poll: Jalen Reagor's Draft Position

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Billy Clyde, Jan 23, 2020.


What Round and Pick (if any) will be used to take Montae Reagor in this year's NFL Draft?

  1. Round 1

  2. Round 2

  3. Round 3

  4. Round 4

  5. Round 5 or Later or UDFA

  1. Since we have an abundance of Draft Experts and not much else going on football-related, thought I'd put this up.

    Select Round you think Reagor will be selected, and guess pick position within the Round.

    Tiebreaker: Draft Positions of Ross Blacklock and Jeff Gladney

    Secondary Tiebreaker: Whether Reagor will run with spoilers at the combine to keep him on the ground.

    P.S. have no idea what I'm doing here, so please feel free to give advice on how to fix any problems.
    Also, if people want to make this into a money pool, I'm in.
  2. I'm going with the 10th pick of the 2nd Round because Cleveland will get advice from a homeless guy.

    Big Ross to the Pats in the 1st Round.
    Gladney to the Redskins in the 2nd because sometimes bad things happen.

    No Spoilers
  3. I think Montae is going undrafted.
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  4. [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. and apparently that part can't be edited. "Forever Unclean."

    Edit: Modified Title for clarification, now rendering the combination of the two entirely accurate based on recent tweets by Montae.
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  5. Reagor - 124th overall
    Ross - 43rd overall
    Gladney- 37th overall

    I have no clue where they will fall and I’m just scattershootingfor the sake of scattershooting.
  6. Doesn't make you any less apt to be accurate than anyone else.
  7. I'm just busting your balls bro lol
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  8. LOL... so if y’all sound like jilted ex-girlfriends. Y’all still mad at Reagor for something? I know opinions vary, but if some things he gets past the 2nd round, your not thinking with your head. Your thinking with your butt hurt.
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  9. Mr. Reagor, it’s a pretty stacked WR class. If I’m a team, I don’t take a WR in the first round. The niners made the Super Bowl with a WR named Debo, and some re-treads from around the league. Get talent up front, get talent around the edge, then focus on that defensive backfield. All that said, he’ll go in the 2nd round.
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  10. I agree with everything except the 2nd round prediction. 3rd tops, might go later depending on how many teams focus on rebuilding lines and defenses before dipping into the majority of the WRs.
  11. Mr Such and Such, I know it’s a stacked field. All it takes is one team and when he runs his 40 someone will. I’m predicting it’s first 2 rounds. But definitely not 4th, 5th or UDFA.
  12. 2019 Draft order by position histogram says Reagor will be fortunate to make it into top half of round 2:

    gladney and blacklock outlook for 1 or 2 is good.
    Most of the WRs were at the very tail end of of rd 2. I bet JR1 slides in there, but is 3rd frog off board unless Niang edges him out.

    QB |3|1|1|2|2|2|0|__=11
    RB |1|1|5|4|3|7|5|__=26
    WR |2|7|4|3|2|5|7|__=30
    TE |2|2|3|2|1|1|4|__=15
    OT |4|4|4|0|1|4|4|__=21
    OG |1|1|2|6|1|1|2|__=14
    C |1|2|1|0|0|1|2|__=7
    CB |1|8|3|4|3|7|5|__=31
    ILB |2|0|4|0|6|2|1|__=15
    DE |7|1|4|5|2|2|4|__=25
    DT |5|1|2|1|3|1|4|__=17
    DB |2|3|2|5|2|4|2|__=20
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  13. Great point about the depth, the WR position is soooo far down the list of critical positions for the elite teams. Will be very easy to pick up a quality guy in the 2nd or 3rd this year. Also, LOVE that 'Niners WR, wonder if opposing DBs get the butt-pucker when they hear him coming on that rusty bike! :)
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  14. Be sure and report back to us after the draft. (I think you're going to be in for a rude awakening, with your son )
  15. Confusing OP is confusing...
  16. I agree with this. There are so many top wide receivers available and not a lot of mention of Reagor. I hope I'm wrong because I really enjoyed watching him play the last 2 years. But after about 3 or four top performing wide receivers are taken there will be too many other needs.
  17. 25% of the votes 5th round or after. Lmao......

    some bitterness with those votes
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  18. Are we basing it on potential or last years results?

    potential late first early second

    results undrafted free agent
  19. Well, I’ll bet you a billion dollars Montae Reagor goes undrafted.
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  20. I think he could go the back half of the first round, depending on what he does at the combine.

    I really doubt he makes it past the second round.

    As others have mentioned, no way he goes in the 5th round. He is a talent and is really the only reason we made it to a bowl game last year.

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