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POLL: Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2020.


Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

  1. Yes

    156 vote(s)
  2. No

    22 vote(s)
  3. Unsure

    7 vote(s)
  1. Foolishly, I for got about the one mil payout. That would be a big help with our short budget due to Cov19. Next question would be where would it be played?. A lot of kids from D/FW go to Alabama so it might be to their advantage (and a closed roof) to play in Arlington. Jones will take the majority of that cut!
  2. Does the WAC have any open spots for us to take?
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  3. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like we do.

    A lot of things can happen, and GMFP has always been a fellow who prepares well given time to do so. Did anybody think that we would go into Norman, OK and beat OU in 2005? We couldn't get out of our own way the year before, yet, there we were.

    A lot can happen when you have a Coach like GMFP. These are the moments where he excels.
  4. Pretty sure Saban likes to start the season against a good team so his players are prepared Day 1 of the season. We should adopt the same philosophy.
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  5. PERFECT! We’ve got them right where we want them...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fu#£ baylor!!
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  6. I voted yes but it's too bad Aggy is scheduled for another TX team that week.
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  7. The optimal, best-case-scenario TCU squad we all want to see year to year - the one who competes every year not just for B12 titles but for national championships... that team wouldn't be afraid of Bama. If we want to be that team we need the mentality first. I bet the players all want Bama.
  8. If you voted no then you should never, ever, ever again post about aspiring to even be invited to this thing they call the college football playoffs.
  9. I voted NO, and thanks for the thought, and I will relinquish my playoff championship tickets (2) for you and your Mrs. Go Frogs.
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  11. Just curious what some of you would think about this score if it happened -

    BAMA - 52
    TCU - 7

    It would destroy the morale of the team for the entire year. TCU is not ready for BAMA. That is a fact. Just not ready. Bad bad idea to play a team like BAMA who has 5 star recruits at every single position.

    Dont see how getting a legendary, bieeetch slapping, total laughingstock azzzz-whipping, on national TV helps the program.
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  12. So...in Gary we trust unless the other team has 5 starsie athletes. Gotta grow em up but only if we can do it against Pine Bluff and Grambling. Fight em on the ice unless they show up wearing red uni’s. The insecurity is staggering.
  13. I like your optimism, I really do, and I'm not being sarcastic. THIS TEAM, is not ready for that........maybe by bowl time or it could go the other way by bowl time, and we are not in a bowl and are livid about who to hire as OC.
  14. I have literally zero optimism that the Frogs would win. None. But they might. Far stranger things have happened. But I also have 100% confidence that they would compete and learn where they need to improve. Equally confident that shying away from a matchup with a perennial great team would be a [ muschi ] move.
  15. Wyoming Troll most likely voted no.
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  16. This. Gonna guess the same people afraid of Alabama are the ones who don’t want to reopen the country and scared to go outside. Man, life is meant to be lived, to test yourself, to see what you’re made of. You guys are going to be in a nursing home one day wondering why you spent your whole life sheltering just so you could die of old age eating pudding with vitamins.

  17. I don't feel good about our chances of winning, but I like seeing the team play the best competition.
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  18. Mr 4th Down -

    And you sir are completely NUTS if you think this Tcu team is prepared to play the National Champion (Bama is always the favorite to win NC or at least in the Top 3 favorites).

    Lets take a look at the units on the Tcu team that would suffer a total and complete laughingstock azzz-whippin from BAMA:

    Nowhere near ready to face a team like BAMA. Frogs will have a freshman at one OT (Coker), a freshman at an OG spot (Burnette), and a very marginal player at the other OT (Storment or Myers both of whom have struggled - Storment was barely adequate last year on a terrible CSU G5 lower level team, and Myers has never been able to be consistent at OT and has been moved to OG numerous times due to his struggles at OT). You really want to put this badly inexperienced Oline up against the best DLine in all of college football ? It would be a total massacre.

    TCU CBs
    Two freshmen will be the starters at CB. Seriously, you dreamers want to put these little newbies up against some of the best All American WRs in the nation ? This will destroy the confidence of Frog CBs for rest of season as they get burned and roasted and toasted play after play after play, as the entire country laughs hysterically at the total incompetence of the Tcu CBs.

    TCU DEs
    Not good and way too young still. On pass plays when they attempt rush the BAMA QB they will look like little Sweeney 4 year olds trying reach for the candy all game long as their big brothers stiff arm them and keep them away all game long. Once again, it will be laughingstock national TV.

    TCU RBs
    BAMA will key on Evans and make him look like garbage and they will do it on purpose to make him regret his decision to spurn the SEC. The publicity of BAMA completely shutting down Evans and making him look like a loser will be broadcast all over the country.

    TCU QB
    Duggan has a year under his belt but is nowhere near ready for BAMA. He will be sacked so much he will think he is a loaf of bread at Safeway. Injury would be a huge concern here with him getting crushed constantly. He may go out for the year after this game.

    Some posters here are complete ALICE IN WONDERLAND dreamers.


    Blahahahhhaaaa !! Keep dreaming. Tcu beat WISCONSIN because Beliemma is a terrible Coach. Tcu beat Oregon because Oregon lost their 3 star Center and transfer starting QB, and substitute QB and C were terrible. None of that will happen with BAMA folks !! Saban always has his team ready to play and all their backups are 4 and 5 star guys too. Saban aint Beliemma !!

    TCU can't get past OU and gets azzzwhipped by Sooners every year. How bad did OU get embarrassed in their playoff game ? That should tell you how this would go vs BAMA.

    This is BAMA and you aint in Wonderland, all you little Alices !!
  19. Can you image what Cumbie will do to that defense?
  20. It is a low risk, high reward game.

    Cal on the other hand is a higher risk, lower reward game. We should be expected to beat Cal. So beating them wouldn't really register on the radar. I know Cal's defense is really good and they are expected to have a decent year, but we have a better roster, so if we were to lose to Cal, it could derail the season like our loss to SMU last year.

    Alabama, the risk is really in getting blown out. But if we could just be competitive(like we were against LSU and Ohio State), I think it would do more good for us than beating Cal would, even if we lost to Alabama

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