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Why is it always the "Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex"? Why?

Why not the "Fort Worth, Denton to Cleburne, Weatherford to Irving, and that overblown Texas version of Atlanta to the east, Metroplex"?
It works for me and I always take my lunch when I work in Dallas.


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You left out the Dallas Stars and the fact that the Cowboys are the DALLAS Cowboys. Other than that I guess Fort Worth can claim proximity to the Rangers? Dallas sucks in almost all ways. But they have scoreboard on the pro teams.

Don't forget, we have the Fort Worth Cats and the Fort Worth Brahmas, and the.. oh, wait. Well, we've still got the Vaqueros.

TCU should be the go-to for sports in Fort Worth. I really hope we open the marketing and access back up, get the t-shirts interested again, and fill the stadium under the new regime.


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It seems to me that TCU makes an occasional push to be the go-to for sports in Fort Worth. The impact that the efforts have apparently had, remind me how expensive long-term marketing is, and how long it really takes to make much difference.
I hope that TCU tries again, new regime and post-lockdown (Jez I hope post-lockdown sticks).