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Playoff Expansion seems inevitable, my money was not on 12 teams

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NYC Horned Frog, Jun 8, 2021.

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  2. If it is expanded to 12 that should tone down some of the talk of realignment.
  3. I would have never guessed 12.
  4. Too lazy to read. If 12, then 4 byes?
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  5. would seem logical
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  6. Yeah…any doubt I have about it stems from putting “logical” and “ncaa” in the same sentence.
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  7. Yep. I'm actually OK with 12, IF that means the first two rounds are at home. I just can't see fan bases, even the Bama/OSU/Clemson's being willing to travel to potentially three playoff games every year.
    Knowing how much the NCAA cares about it's fans and schools though, I would assume three bowl games is exactly what will happen so that the Belk Bowl reps can keep cashing their paychecks every year.
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  8. I agree, I was going to be happy with any expansion. I know there are some that think we would not be left out of another alignment, but I would rather not risk it and I believe we'd be borderline. It'll would be hard, not impossible, for the Big 12 to dissolve when there's an automatic path the CFP.
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  9. I know it can't happen due to scheduling and promotion and all that, but I wish that instead of expanding the playoffs they would just pick the Top 4 after the bowl games. Keeps the bowls important, avoids the "dilute the regular season" issue that playoff expansion creates, gives the G5 a chance, fixes the auto-bid problem.
  10. Believe the pandemic has had something to do with it.
  11. I favor the 5-1-6 plan, which would have the P5 conference champs with auto bids, 1 G5 champ (highest ranked) and 6 at larges. The committee could then seed them, with the top 4 getting byes and 5 v. 12; 6 v. 11; 7 v. 10 and 8 v. 9 in the quarters. It should be built on the NY6 Bowls, which would be incorporated into the system. It would make the CCG's more meaningful and would therefore give TCU (and teams like us) a far better chance of making the playoffs.
  12. Soooooooooo………back to the mwc so we go 12-0? I mean……I know the tv money would be trash…..
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  13. It actually should prevent it.

    Easier path to a 12-0 or 11-1 season means don't play in the SEC or Big 10.

    ACC and Big 12 have an easier path into a 12 team field.

    In fact, I'd drop the championship game in the Big 12 if the polit bureau loses its cancerous grip on the game.
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  14. Unless you're Ohio State, in which case you can just skip to the championship.

    If you're aggie, you just claim a championship even if you don't make the CFP.
  15. Remove Bill Hancock and all the other ivory tower college football aristocrats and I think we'd all find that the 4 team play-off wasn't that bad.

    Keep Bill Hancock and all the other ivory tower college football aristocrats and I think we'll discover that they'll screw up a 12 team play-off too.
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  16. I am all for the 12 team format

    It's funny watching SEC fans on Twitter melting down right now. Love their tears
  17. Which twitter account???
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    Trying to figure out how you get 12 and keep the NY6 Bowls.

    Do 2 get designated as semifinals on a rotating basis? Not sure the Rose Bowl would accept getting punted to January 8ish ever 3 years?

    4 Play in Games. Better seeded team hosts?
    - 5 v 12
    - 6 v 11
    - 7 v 10
    - 8 v 9

    4 Quarterfinals (Bowl Season played in 4 of 6 NY6 Bowls):
    - 2 v 5/12
    - 3 v 6/11
    - 4 v 7/10
    - 1 v 8/9

    2 Semifinals (A week after NYE weekend, 2 of the NY6 get bumped a week to semis every year. Or Rose and Sugar insist on NYE/NY Day and the other 4 rotate back and forth)
    - 2/5/12 winner v 3/6/11 winner
    - 4/7/10 winner v 1/8/9 winner

    Championship game bumped a week and now mid-January. This already bids out every year anyway. I guess the NFL schedule change bumped their season a week, making room for this from TV?
  19. So it's 6-6, rather than 5-1-6. This is better for G5's, which we once were Coastal Carolina would have got in last year rather than Oregon. The Top 4 conference champs will get the byes - that hurts Notre Dame (and Swarbrick was on the task force) because they'll never get a bye but they will probably also host a quarter virtually every single year. This makes it easier for TCU (and teams like TCU) because we could either win the conference or make the Top 12 to get access. This should seriously hamper conference realignment tendencies too.

    It's just a recommendation and the Big 10 and Pac 12 will still have to weigh in, so it might change. But this is good progress!
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    We would have been in the playoffs in 2000, 2005, 2011 as conference champs, and in 2009/2010/2014/2015 (at large) under this format. The beauty of it would have been we would have been in when Texas, LSU and Baylor (twice) were all ahead of us in the rankings.


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