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Players Boycott practice, Coach P and bad word?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Wow...first I'm hearing of this. Any tweets from present and past players?
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  3. This story grew legs because everyone is just in a hurry to be the first to post it without doing the slightest bit of digging or research.

    This post by Brog is just performance art highlighting that fact.
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  5. DMN going for the click bait headline.
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  6. The article is in the Dallas News this afternoon for all to read. Would you prefer hearing about it via some Baylor fan?

  7. Coach, saw it in the Dallas News this afternoon. Didn't think it would be necessary to do "research" before letting other FrogForum fans know about it. Should I have waited to be No. 2, 3, or what?
  8. Star Telegram went with exact headline. And apologies to Brog he is just hearing the news so I get it.
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  9. LVH might disagree.
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  10. Why would she have you meet her at a bar at 10 in the morning?
    "I just thought she was a raging alcoholic!"
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  11. No you waited plenty long enough. You were like number 13,465.

    I’m just jacking with you.
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  12. At this moment, Mack Engle is typing furiously on his keyboard, making tomorrows headline.
    Truth doesn't matter
  13. as opposed to the thread discussing it which has been going for hours
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  14. Stefan went with the headline that the players boycotted practice. Is this true?
  15. Which I’ve posted on multiple times, yup, that’s the one
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  16. Absolutely and inexcusably STUPID to say the N-word in any context. Coach P should have known better. Really incredibly stupid for him to repeat the word ? No excuse for that.

    Dylan Jordan was being a jerk no doubt and he was pizzzed at Coach P for other issues and he found a way to to get Coach P to take the bait and say the bad word. Coach P should have known better.

    It is NEVER EVER OK for a Coach to say that word in ANY CONTEXT WHATSOEVER. Is Coach P innocent. YES. Is he stupid for taking the bait Jordan put out there for him. Yes. Coach P should have known better. Really stupid.

    It is NEVER EVER OK to say that word. EVER. Especially a Coach and especially a Head Coach. Any Coach should know if he says that word IN ANY CONTEXT, it will be twisted by anyone who has an axe to grind with the Coach.

    Coach P was really really dumb to take the bait.
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  17. Really? Must have been at halftime.

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