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Places to Watch the Game in Austin

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by lord_ek0, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. My wife and I are taking a weekend trip to Austin and are assuming that secondary market ticket prices to the game are more than they’re worth to us.

    As a result, we’re looking for in town places that’ll be TCU fan friendly. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.
  2. My recommendations would be to take your weekend trip elsewhere. Even my field reps who tend to reside on the periphery of Austin proper aren’t going into Austin much at all. I wouldn’t know where to watch the game but I’d probably look at Horseshoe Bay/Marble Falls/Spicewood/New Braunfels. But that’s just me.
  3. I'd stick with the West Line Historic District (W 6th Street).

    Visit the Treaty Oak; browse around the multiple antique stores; and there are plenty of unique places to eat and drink in the area.
  4. Downtown is a mess right now, I’d stay away from there.

    I would do the Domain, there’s great bars and restaurants all over and a few nice hotels, kind of like a newer downtown Austin if you will.......

    check out Culinary Drop our for good down home scratch made food and lots of TVs....
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  5. Do you know where you are staying? Or at least what specific part of town? I live in Austin and I can direct you to some options.
  6. Lived in Austin for about 4 years after graduation. The TCU alumni in Austin is who I stuck with to get my "frog football fix". Unfortunately I don't think they are hosting watch parties right now. I recommend staying away from campus and downtown if you want a "peaceful" environment. I personally have never been heckled wearing my TCU gear in the downtown area. However, after we spank the horns there while they are top 10 team, you might get a different outcome. The game will be on in literally just about every restaurant in the area though.
  7. I’m staying in East Austin Rainey St.
  8. Large # of TCU students will be at Scholtz Garden.
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  9. Hotel room and room service / door dash.
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  10. surprised no one touched on this yet, but first make sure you are somewhere with tv's or wifi if you want to watch the game
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  11. I might have to go full troll mode.

    l’ll see if I can find a purple MAGA had and really ruffle some feathers.
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  12. Sugars? Damn good place back in the day.
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  13. The McConaughey Section?

  14. Yuck.

    The last time we were there, they had powerwashed about a billion crickets down the drains of the New and Improved East Side Upper Deck, and it smelled like a dump truck full of shrimp overturned under the seats and ripened for a day or so.
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    Bunch of (meow), don’t listen to them. Have a good time! Austin is fun as [ #2020 ], we’re going there next weekend. Not sure of a good place to watch the game, but lots of fun places for post game beers. We usually hang out south of downtown/ South Congress. ABGB and Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden are fun. Closer to downtown we like Easy Tiger but we’re yokels and suckers for a good patio, and go to sleep at 10pm so go figure.

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