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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. What happened to him? He played a bunch last year and I fully expected him to be a major player for us this year. Anybody know why he is only getting a handful of minutes a game? Are the new guys just better than him by that big of a margin?
  2. I'm as surprised as you are. I doubt there is a big margin between him and anyone else. Todd seems to be getting the minutes that I thought PJ would get and he's playing well. Maybe PJ hasn't been putting in the work that the coaches want to see and Todd has.

    I thought PJ was on his way to being a star here. Maybe he still is and this is just a bump in the road for him.
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  3. My personal opinion is he just isn't playing as well as the other guys. With all the COVID stuff going on it's hard sometimes to figure out who isn't very good and who just isn't in game shape. Zach Evans and TJ Storment are good examples of guys who weren't ready early and have played well later in the year after missing a bunch of time leading into the season.
  4. I wonder if Storment might come back next year. We could probably really use him, not sure that position has much good depth at all.
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  5. Sometimes talent alone will get you to college, but when you get there everyone’s got talent. Still have to put in the extra work to keep progressing.

    I hear there’s some Shawn Robinson tendencies in play here.
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  6. PJ was hurt and didn't get started in fall practice on time and then had to go into Covid protocol. So, he was behind from the start.

    Ultimately though, he's not a great fit for Jamie's style of play. He needs to play in an uptempo, free flowing pace.
  7. I'm optimistic based on GP's response to that question yesterday. Sounds like they are having discussions with certain seniors on coming back for another round. I would think Storment is priority #1 by a mile.
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  8. Followed by Bethley, sure would be nice to have him back too just because it's such a critical position. I think we can weather any other senior departure just fine.
  9. which has seemed to be the case for a few recruits the past 3-4 years, francisco seems to be better suited for a more open offensive flow.

    kevin is a low post player who seems lost out at the free throw line unless he is rolling to the basket.

    question and i understand if you don't choose to answer, but how many on the roster truly fit the offense they are trying to run?
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  10. I don't mind answering. I won't ever back away from a fair question.

    Realistically, I would say maybe half possess the skill set required to "fit" optimum in the current style.
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  11. I’ll never understand why we don’t try to get more possessions. You don’t have to run all the time just get 4-5 more a game. We have no offense to try to get shots early in the clock and that means you have to be more efficient to stay in a game.
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  12. The coach doesn't trust the players and wants to control every aspect of the game as much as he can. It's fun to watch, isn't it?
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  13. Are you suggesting someone has 'control' issues? :p
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  14. I just might be. Honestly, I've watched my fair share of basketball in my life (although not as much as I used to) and I'm not sure I've seen a coach micro-manage a team like Dixon. Every single possession, every single pass. I have a much stronger opinion than most on this, but I just hate that style of coaching, I think it's almost embarrassing at times. Coach your team during the week in practice and, for the most part, sit down and let them play. If they don't know how to execute what you teach when gametime comes, then you are doing a lousy job coaching. I'm not a fan of Dixon obviously. Never met him personally, he might be a great guy, but don't care for him as a coach.

    I know the GP comparisons will be made but football is a little different animal IMO. You basically have a little timeout between every play in football.
  15. Those are great points.

    It's hard to win consistently when you never get anything 'easy'. The Frogs never get much in early offense or in transition. They are doing better at scoring off of offensive rebounds this year (compared to last year). They better had or there would have been a murder at the practice courts. LOL!
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    I think you make some very astute observations.

    I don't think anybody would argue with your "micro-managing" comment. I think Jamie would even admit that he needs to "trust" his players more and let them play more free and loose.

    It's difficult though because it's not his personality. And, he's has a lot of success doing it the way he does it.

    He's realizing though that the 2021 Big12 is a different animal than the 2008 Big East. Not saying that it's happened without some 'kicking and screaming', but he's learning.
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  17. How much do the assistants try to get him to play quicker? Do they even have much say as to how the team plays?
  18. They all want him to play faster. They know that style is easier to recruit to.

    They don't have much say on 'style' of play. They handle the scouting of opponents and help with game plans.
  19. thanks, appreciate the answer

    do have a question in general as it seems it is tough to find kids who can shoot the ball with any consistency

    watching kentucky - kansas last night and the wildcats have this great collection of long athletes who caused kansas all kinds of problems on the defensive end and were a complete disaster on the offensive end

    realize they turned over basically the entire roster, but shooting the basketball is a basic skill and if you can do that well you are gong to draw attention, but i continually watch games where you might have 1-2 kids aside who can shoot the ball with any effectiveness
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  20. The difference between a Gonzaga and TCU is when Drew Timme gets a rebound, the ball is quickly passed down the floor to start a break and often Timme is there to finish it. When Samuel gets the rebound, he waits until everyone heads down the floor and then hands it to a guard to walk it up. Samuel then lopes down the floor to take his place under the hoop.
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