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Pick and Roll: Kouat Noi withdraws from 2019 NBA Draft

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Pick and Roll: Kouat Noi withdraws from 2019 NBA Draft

    Sudanese-Australian forward Kouat Noi has been officially listed as having withdrawn his name from the 2019 NBA draft.

    Noi was listed as a withdrawal in the NBA’s latest list of early entry candidates for the coming draft.

    Last season, Noi played 31 games with TCU and started 19 games, averaging 13.9 points. He decided to turn pro in April, and made the announcement on Twitter.

    Read more at https://pickandroll.com.au/kouat-noi-withdraws-2019-nba-draft/
  2. So is still gone from TCU? Going overseas?
  3. This is too bad but in no way a shock. He needed to stay in college for at least one more year to get stronger, more consistent, etc. I’m sure he’s gonna try for a career overseas—I wish Kouat all the best, just wish you coulda stayed!!
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  4. If he was going oversees why remove your name from the draft? Seems like he wants to protect his amateur status.
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  5. Now what Mr. Noi?
  6. Sounds like he finally listened to someone besides Momma, Daddy, and his agent.
  7. He is going abroad to play. He has no interest in school.
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  8. Premature delusions of grandeur
  9. [​IMG]
  10. A broad?? The WNBA?
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  11. Wish him well but I think he’s in for a rude awakening.
  12. She’s from Jarvis?
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  13. Speaking of basketball, are we going to be one of the six teams receiving notice of serious infractions?
  14. If we are I’ll laugh with what some of the blue bloods have thrown around money wise just to get kids to school. TCU didn’t pay anyone, just set up a meeting with an agent. A lot different imo
  15. Didn’t even do that.
  16. Good so even more laughable if we are involved
  17. Some combination of Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, Louisville, NC State, Creighton and USC.
  18. I bet he could have a successful career overseas. He is long, coordinated, and can shoot
  19. I agree. Although I think successful is relative. His shot leaves low (around head high), defense is suspect, and other skills average at best.

    Wish him the best, he has some talent. Withdrawing from the draft I'd speculate to see him overseas for a year or two and then reenter draft.
  20. Noi would have benefited by gutting it up, studying, and getting a degree from TCU.

    Sure school is tough, but wait until you've played for five years in the Italian league.

    Once done with basketball then what?

    Come back to Fort Worth and get a job?

    Mr. Noi "Did you get your degree?"

    "No, but I plan on going to school at night after working an 8 hour day."

    "Okay, we will be in touch. . . NEXT".

    The business world wants commitment, not night school.

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