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Patterson comments post game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ftwfrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  2. Check out the recruiting threads and you can probably mine that information.
  3. Being a fan doesn't mean accepting mediocrity.
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  4. So did you have a problem when he said OU exposes my front 4? Or I let ISU dominant the line of scrimmage? Or the one where he used the first person talking about our secondary play against Baylor in OT?

    since he has always done that- I guess I have missed the decades of you having an issue with it
  5. No it evidently means enjoying the good times without comment and then complaining when the exact same stuff doesn’t meet your standards
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  6. I'm not smart enough to accurately critique Gary, but I do wish he would create a new favorite phrase for pressers instead of: "Plain and simple"
  7. No , it means not accepting mediocrity. You are a beating.
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  8. flyfishingfrog comes to mind.
  9. Oh Geez - you guys are definition of a beating

    we need to change a bunch of stuff but all the complaining about how Gary talks and what he says or does with his coaching staff And players is just freaking idiotic if you actually claim to be a fan of TCU for any part of the last 20 years

    he has done the same things, acted the same way and worked his staff and game day the same way all the time

    I don’t recall everyone complaining about the way he yelled at Dalton or let Fuente own the offense or maintained control of the D when Bumpas was our DC

    so suddenly being offended is such BS
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  10. I’m not sure you know what deplorable means.
  11. No
  12. 6+ losses in like 5 of the last 8 years... He's killing it...
  13. It’s who you think it is.
  14. Again- absolutely zero to do with my comment

    was about the fact that suddenly crap he has done for 20 years makes him unacceptable as our HC

    But for some unknown reason no one was complaining about it when we were winning all those years in the MWC...

  15. Saw you at the game looking for a Jersey. Looking like a joke
  16. We've done it! We've now officially complained about EVERYTHING!
  17. Yay us! Congrats to all
  18. DNC Chairman?
  19. Post of the day....so far
  20. Not with their Salary....but yes they make millions.

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