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Panic as PAC 12 Falls Behind

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. I hate to admit it. You are probably right.
  2. I think the sec will poach vt and nc state from acc, and that will open the door for the big 12 to grab clemson and fsu. BIG may take ga tech and cuse. UNC will never leave the acc neither will uva duke wake. no one wants bc.

    Its possible we could also take Pitt and miami to make an eastern division.
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  3. Big 12 could boot baylor at that time and Arizona or arz state.
    id say zero chance nebraska leves BIG. bad blood would prevent colo. return.
  4. What would UA and ASU bring to the TV deal? Any advantage to having teams in all time zones? How much would their tier 3 money be?
  5. The Pac 12 network is a boondoggle. TV payout is not guaranteed and the budget has to cover expenses.

    College football on the west coast is a niche sport that generally no one cares about except a few fair weather alumni.

    Pac 12 is overrated and schools like UT who want to rub elbows with Stanford and Berkley are just dumb.
  6. Who knows what will happen in new media realities, but the 10 team conference works very well at a lot of levels. UT can own it and make as much $ as they want. The other 9 including OU want to be where UT is. Student athletes in all sports have an easy geographic footprint (like sending girls volleyball to Lubbock or Stillwater instead of Pullman, Washington). The round robin is the best schedule in the P5. I hope we get one more Big 12 TV contract like the last one.
  7. B12 needs to add 2+ teams and drop to 8 conf games asap however possible. Read an article yesterday about how the B1G is regretting their move to 9 conf games and wants to drop back to 8 in the near future. The Nebraska AD thinks they're beating each other up due to 9 conf games and says scheduling changes could come in 4 years.


    CFP Results:
    Record of participants that played an 8-game conference schedule: 11-7
    Record of participants with a 9-game league slate: 1-5

    National champions that played an 8-game conference schedule: 4
    National champions with a 9-game league slate: 0

    Teams that made the field with an 8-game conference schedule: 11
    Teams that made it with a 9-game league slate: 5

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  8. Brew,

    I read the KFC board and shake my head at the idea of dropping Baylor.

    Don't get me wrong, I want to hang 70 on them in football, 110 on them in Bball, and sweep their ugly green and gold butts in baseball every year until the heavens fall.

    But Baylor, like it or not, is an asset for the Big 12 and a necessary rival for TCU.

    Without Baylor to hate and Waco to make fun of (Lubbock's only hope at missing out of the title of "Worst Place to live in Texas"), where does TCU go to create such a nationally recognized annual gridiron brawl?

    Hate, absolutely!

    But TCU needs the inadequate competition of another private school in the Big 12.

    SMU and Rice can't currently provide the national attention that TCU v. Baylor generates.

    The Big 12 needs Baylor because TCU needs a Baylor as a rival.
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  9. Baylor wouldn’t be missed for a millisecond. Replace them with someone decent and they are a distant memory.

    True karma would be for Baylor to drop into the AAC or CUSA and see if they could fight their way back. Then we could drop SMU and add Baylor as a non conference rival and still strive for 70 pts.
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  10. I am going to kick myself for saying this, but I tend to agree with you unless the big 12 could provide an adequate replacement for Baylor. In my mind, that would be Brigham Young but I doubt that's ever going to happen.

    Now if I could poach some of the PAC 12 schools, that could be nothing but good but that would take some some serious leadership out of the big 12 office and I'm not sure Bowlsby is the guy for that.
    However, I could be wrong and probably am.
  11. Every Conference needs it's doormat, tis true. And while Rape U fulfills that niche for the time being, I still am sickened and horrified at the actions of their Board in conniving to hire the execrable Briles, covering for his actions and the crimes of his player choices, and covering up the aftermath of the inevitable bloodbath when the truth finally came out. This doesn't even cover the callous trashing of their female students who had the guts to actually stand up, students it was Rape U's job to protect. Those Board members are still there, still calling the shots, and Rape U was never punished for what they did. The rug is lumpy down in McLennan County, but everything is successfully covered up.

    That's hard to forgive. Even harder to forget. The BIGXII has taken the cowards way out, in issuing a slap-on-the-wrist penalty, and has put the whole matter in the rear-view mirror. Business as usual for them. Going forward, they view Rape U as a valuable asset, a Name Brand they can count on to draw some eyes. Others tend to view their affiliation with the BIGXII as a moral stain on the Conference as a whole. As it is obvious I fall into the latter category, I submit that each showcasing of Rape U diminishes the rest of the BIGXII.

    I realize that 1.) My views don't matter squat, 2.) The BIGXII has moved on, 3.) The NCAA, DoJ, etc., have also moved on, and 4.) The short attention span of the Media and public in general has also moved on. The time to Do Something was when all this was spilling out, not years after the fact. But I still remember, and others do as well.

    Could the BIGXII kick Rape U to the curb? Sure. Will they? Absolutely not. Not unless their exclusion was a price for bringing in several other Name Brand programs whose value would trump them. Stanford, for example. Would you trade Stanford for Rape U? I would. In the theoretical 5-team rump PAC I posited, would USC, Stanford, UCLA, AZ, AZ St., be attractive enough to boot Rape U? Not that such a thing would happen, but it is an interesting thought.

    As to rivalry, I don't really consider Rape U to be a rival as I once did. During the days of Grant Teaff and the SWC, I thought of them as such, but the years since so diminished their stature, and their desire to win at any cost, and the subsequent actions taken to preserve that fragile winning status has removed what respect I had for the institution. I look at programs like Ok St, OU and UT as rivalries now. Rape U is a game that must be endured, and little more. And yes, beating the tar out of them is satisfying, but not a salve for their deeper crimes. That is something that can't be fixed.

    Sadly, I view them as a moral millstone the BIGXII has to drag around with them. We're stuck with them.

    One of those early games, I'm bringing some "special" hooch by your tailgate! Prepare your liver!
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  12. If we attempt to poach, it will be from the ACC. It keeps us geographically better off with WVU and increases revenue for the ACC teams that join. B1G teams aren’t leaving, nor SEC, and we don’t want the PAC teams that would leave.

    We only go to 12 if it increases PER TEAM revenue. 0 chance we add AZ schools, NM, etc because of this.
  13. I say we go independent. They'll never expect it!
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  14. BYUenvy ??
  15. Nobody envies magic underwear.
  16. Who would leave the ACC (that we would want) and why?
  17. Currently, no one which is why we aren’t expanding. We are waiting for someone else to draw blood. If someone like the SEC takes 2 teams, the rest will look to jump.
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  18. Plenty of ACC teams Big 12 would want (WVU rival Pitt being one of them). But ACC committed to each other through a GoR and deal with ESPN. So grabbing ACC teams is just a dream. Now Pac 12 could happen if Big 12 admin had any brains. And watch out for Pac 12 desperation offering the world to UT/OU to move to their conference, which they wouldn't do before (they wanted equal pay but they might give UT/OU more leeway now with the conference behind the other conferences). So Big 12 has an opportunity, but so does Pac 12.
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  19. Phoenix is a huge market and it adds another tv window
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  20. I hate what you say, but tend to agree. Currently, at least.

    Why can't Tech take the place of Baylor in the rivalry? We did hang a big fat 82 on them and that stings the living shart out of them. A private school against a state school...sounds good to me.

    Until GP leaves, that is. I'm really dreading that day.

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