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Packing the Supreme Court

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. This topic seemed worthy of its own thread.

    I’m not well-studied on the subject but i have some family who are convinced that Biden/Harris/pelosi will expand the court and fill them with hyper liberal “judges” soon after JB takes office and then follow that by ramming any number of hyper-liberal policies into law.

    It seems far fetched to me but I’m not sure. What are your thoughts?
  2. They don't have the votes.
  3. Well, after they purge the Senate of all those who wanted to contest the electoral vote, they might...
  4. They might depending on how much strong arming they do behind the scenes. Plus I don't think the Republicans in the Senate will ever vote lock step like the 49 Democrats will (Manchin being the one question mark). It's possible given the nuclear option is still in play.
  5. On this issue they would. I don't think the Dems get all 50 of their votes on this issue.
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  6. Here's what Biden has said:

    "I will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system because it's getting out of whack," Biden told "60 Minutes." In the clip, he also said the issues surrounding the judicial system "go well beyond packing," and should be studied by a "bipartisan commission of scholars" that includes "constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal, (and) conservative" members."

    Fact check: Post online misquotes Joe Biden on court-packing (usatoday.com)

    From my Washington days, creating a "bipartisan commission" is sure-fire way to pacify those calling for something to be done in the short term, but not actually do anything substantive in the long run.

    The Senate, after all, wasn't called the "institution dedicated to the preservation of obsolescence" for nothing.

    The House is like 435 "ants on a log floating down the river with each ant pretending they are steering and that they know where they are going."
  7. What does he mean by "getting out of whack"?
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  8. Conservatives were appointed.
  9. You may have overestimated them.
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  10. True. Things worked better(?) back during my time in DC (80's and 90's).

    Things actually got done and legislation passed on time.

    Even had a few balanced budgets, too.
  11. You know the expression "you don't want to know how the sausage is made?"

    I think that applies to Congress. We may have been better off without 24/7 cable news, radio talk shows and social media.

    I'm sure they were just as incompetent back then, but ignorance was bliss.
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  12. I missed the part when Biden said, "No. I won't pack the court."
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  13. Agree 100% on the comment in bold above. Oh for the days when the only CNN people watched was Headline News...seems like every television in every public place was hard-wired to that channel. (Note: I had a TV in my office. Only channel approved to be watched was CNN Headline News.)

    The Congress-critters were still a grab bag of personalities--good and bad, honest and crooked--but, they did manage to get stuff done. Compromise wasn't a dirty word--because all could agree that "a solution" was better than "no solution."

    IMHO, things worked better because folks on the Hill still had earmark authority, so they could "bring home the bacon" to their state/district and show tangible results. Senate and House leadership used the earmark bucket of money to keep their members in line.

    Without earmarks, dollars for programs and projects are now controlled by the "central government" in DC by staffers who "know better" what is needed, where, and when.

    And keeping members in line requires the Senate/House leadership to engage in "herding cats" or "putting socks on a rooster"...or pick whatever folksy expression to describe a near-futile endeavor.
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  14. You are worried about this? During an Insurrection?
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    I’m not particularly worried. As I said plainly the idea is far fetched in my mind
  16. I don’t understand how our legislative process has gone from effective sausage making to completely “out of whack” over the last 30 years.

    the annual cycle:
    1) Omnibus funding Bill that is 40% nonsense appears on the floor out of nowhere
    2) representatives have a matter of hours to digest thousands of pages
    3a) bill gets passed in order to find out what’s in it. Nobody is responsible for the bill.
    3b) the bill is not passed before hitting a debt ceiling, and the kabuki theater of an entirely inconsequential government shutdown ensues. “Conservatives” cave and proceed to 3a.

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