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Pac-12 votes to play, will start season November 6

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Travis Trucks, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Apparently they plan on a 7 game schedule which includes the championship game.

    It will be total BS if a team who plays a 10 game schedule goes 9-1 and gets left out of the playoff over a team that only played 7 games. The schedules in CFB this year are way too unbalanced and if there is a year to expand the playoff this is it.
  2. Very convenient timing.
  3. Wow... really? I guess if there is playoff it will happen in March now.

    Also, why after the election? I blame California. If it was before November, they'd have to mail in the win.
  4. I had forgotten about them again! Dangit!
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  5. Mountain West is back too.
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  6. Might get to see Rogers in action. Hope he does will. Wish we could have played them a couple of weeks back.
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  7. 2020:

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  8. The herd mentality works both ways. Just goes to show, make a decision, ignore the media mob and fear mongerers and move forward and then the tables eventually will be turned. If the B12, SEC and ACC would've caved like everyone expected them to, and like the Big 10 and PAC fully expected them to, not one college football game would be played this year.
  9. upload_2020-9-24_22-48-21.gif
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  10. PAC just a subsidiary of the Big10.

    "We're canceling our season."

    "So are we."

    "We're restarting our season."

    "We are too."

    "Are we having the Rose Bowl this year?"
  11. Everyone gets a trophy. Par for the course.
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  12. Does anyone care ?
  13. I do. For someone who is used to watching college football from 11 in the morning until the last game is over after midnight, the last few weeks have left a lot to be desired. I'll be glad to get back a much more regular schedule.
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  14. Yes! Games would get over at 7 or 8 and I'd be like "now what?"
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