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PAC-12 may have more problems than COVID

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bc puckett, Aug 2, 2020.

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    I continue to head toward somoe point in the future where college sports has lost my interest.
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  2. Pete and Reggie approve
  3. It's not a problem. It's another front in the break away of the Power 5.
  4. None of them care about the education they are getting.
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  5. Take the two Arizona schools Big XII and keep moving.
  6. Any two of the eastern four will be fine. Arizonas, Utar or Colorado.
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  7. By racial justice do they mean there are too many black players in football and basketball and we need to add more whites for diversity? I thought diversity was good?
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  8. Best thing all Leagues could do is flatly REFUSE all their demands and freeze out all the players who refuse to participate.

    Go get whoever on campus wants to play and let the striking players who are hoping for an NFL career watch their careers go POOF !! Gone !! We will see pretty quickly how long the younger players sit out and if they want to destroy their future NFL careers too.

    Call their bluff and bite the bullet for a year with walk on players and then watch the arrogant ones beg to come back after getting left behind for a full season (when some of them will discover too late that their decision was a devastatingly bad career choice).

    Gonna have to teach some of them a very hard tough life lesson or this nonsense will never stop. Ever hear of "GIVE EM AN INCH AND THEY WILL THEN DEMAND THAT YOU GIVE EM A MILE".

    Be a SUCK UP APPEASER (like the world class suck up appeaser HARBOUGH at Michigan) and the demands will get more and more ridiculous and will destroy college football as we know it.

    Draw a line in the sand right here and now and this crap will stop dead in its tracks and never return.
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  9. College football as we knew it is now over. This will not just stay in the PAC-12. Right or wrong the dominoes will fall. I see this as the killer of this season.
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    If you don’t stomp out peoples’ rights early and often eventually they’ll be wanting to be treated fairly in all sorts of avenues of life.
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    Scholarships can go to others that want them. No one is forced to play ball or accept an athletic scholarship. People with agendas twisting and misleading athletes.

    Do not understand how playing CFB is more detrimental to black athletes, than white, Latin, or Asian athletes.

    One thing that is also forgotten, for some, a college scholarship is way out of a bad situation. Not sure if it was Dwight Smith or it was another recruit that never qualified to get in. But said player didn’t want to leave campus after his official visit. He wanted to stay and not go back home.
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  12. I agree with the 6 year scholarship through grad school, but before you blame the players for the downfall of CFB, look at the schools first. The things that made CFB unique and fun are slowly being stripped away for $$. Less and less rivalry games, mega conferences, games played to appease TV time slots.

    When CFB sold it’s soul for the big $$, then a scholarship seems less like an equal contribution from the host institution.

    CFB would have been just fine without all the big $$ TV contracts.
  13. Dwight's problem(s) were injury related. He had to red-shirt his freshman year due to injury & then something similar the second. Seems one was a knee in practice as he made a cut, untouched, of course. The second time was complicated by having an infant who may, or may not have been in his life the year before, but he dropped out of TCU to try to help out monetarily with him/her. He went back to play for a JC program in East TX somewhere, but not sure if he made it into his second year due to too much happening to keep his mind focused on school, much less football. Unfortunately, he had the tools that could have cemented his name with LT & KD. It hurts to think about what could have been.
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  14. From the extensive works of one Tom Petty...

    When Money Became King

    If you reach back in your memory
    A little bell might ring
    'Bout a time that once existed
    When money wasn't king
    If you stretch your imagination
    I'll tell you all a tale
    About a time when everything
    Wasn't up for sale
    There was this cat named Johnny
    Who loved to play and sing
    When money wasn't king

    We'd all get so excited when
    John would give a show
    We'd raise the cash between us
    And down the road we'd go
    To hear him play that music
    It spoke right to my soul
    Every verse a diamond
    Every chorus gold
    The sound was my salvation
    It was only everything
    Before money became king

    Well I ain't sure how it happened
    And I don't know exactly when
    But everything got bigger
    And the rules began to bend
    And the TV taught the people
    How to get their hair to shine
    And how sweet life can be
    If you keep a tight behind
    And they raised the cost of living
    And how could we have known
    They'd double the price of tickets
    To go see johnny's show

    So we hocked all our possessions
    And we sold a little dope
    And went off to rock and roll

    We arrived there early
    In time to see rehearsal
    And John came out and lip-synched
    His new lite beer commercial
    And as the crowd arrived
    As far as I could see
    The faces were all different
    There was no one there like me

    They sat in golden circles
    And waiters served them wine
    And talked through all the music
    And paid to John paid little mind
    And way up in the nosebleeds
    We watched him on the screen
    They'd hung between the billboards
    So cheaper seats could see

    Johnny rock that golden circle
    And all those VIPs
    And that music that had freed us
    Became a tired routine
    And I saw his face in close-up
    Trying to give it all he had
    And sometimes his eyes betrayed him
    You could see that he was sad
    And I tried to rock on with him
    But I slowly became bored
    Could that man on stage
    With everything
    Somehow need some more?

    There was no use in pretending
    No magic left to hear
    All the music gave me
    Was a craving for lite beer
    As I walked out of the arena
    My ears began to ring

    And money became king...
  15. They have a right to play or not to play.
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  16. Yep, and that point seems loss on some.
  17. Seems more so they have the opportunity to play or the right not to play.
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