Our Stupid Hometown Newspaper

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  1. Only reason I opened the thread is to post this exact sentiment.
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  2. I realize procedures have long since changed, but when I wrote for a newspaper the writer had absolutely NOTHING to do with the accompanying picture caption.

    But, that was back in Gutenberg's day...

    Go Frogs!
  3. screw them.

    Beat smu
  4. Well, actually yes; yes I do... if you mean the exact error and not the BU equivalent.
  5. and you had to mind your P's and Q's?
  6. I LOVED Police Academy.
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  7. I find it hard to have any respect for most sportswriters when people like Skip, Muck and Mosley are gainfully employed.
  8. Fake sports.
  9. It may not have been him that wrote that photo caption.

    God only knows who is left over there.
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