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  1. I wish I had the ability to upload the picture, because you have to see this one to believe it. In this morning's StartleGram, in Stealing Piles column regarding the woes of baylor football, there is a picture of Rhule and a baylor player walking off the field after one of this year's defeats. The picture is captioned...
    "baylor head coach Matt Rhule, right, and linebacker Clay Johnson have experienced two losses so far this season." (here's the rub) "The Horned Frogs fell to Liberty and UT San Antonio."
    Is ther no proof readers left at the StartleGram?...

    Spit Blood~~~<~< and scheiss baylor!
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  2. I was talking CFB with some co-workers. They asked what the darn is up losing to Liberty. I corrected them and said yeah we are the non-rapey one that didn't sell our soul for a couple of mid-level bowl wins. Hate hate hate that we have been so lumped in with Baylor by ESPN that people confuse us. The startlegram isn't helping.
  3. You do know that Mac does this [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] on purpose, right? He's just a paid troll...
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  4. They fixed the photo caption for online edition, apparently.

    "Baylor coach Matt Rhule walks off the field following the team’s 17-10 loss to UTSA in an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, in Waco, Texas. The Bears are 0-2 and will play at noted football power Duke on Saturday. Jerry Larson"
  5. Electronic journalism and filing stories from the laptop at home have resulted in no one in the slot to copyread/correct stories....There is no one there to catch the mistakes....
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  7. I guess I am just about as stupid, because I pay to have that rag thrown in my yard every morning. Well, that's going to end. And if Steaming Pile does that sort of thing on purpose, does he still have a TCU press pass? If so, ADCD needs to yank it!

    Spit Blood~~<~< and scheiss baylor!
  8. Makes me shudder.
  9. Thanks Frog-In-Law! Seeing is believing..

    Spit Blood~~<~< and scheiss baylor!
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  10. I just took the same photo. No need to post it now.
  11. Think the Waco Tribune would ever make this error? Jeez.....
  12. I wonder if they still have correction meetings at the ST? I had to go to a couple of those back in the day.
  13. I saw this on the electronic version this morning on my iPad. They don't do this crap on purpose, they are just lazy. Sad
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  14. Hmmm...thanks, Rewrite!
  15. Well, here's a word on behalf of the sportswriter in question. I emailed him yesterday asking why the ST had NO coverage of either the Baylor or the Oklahoma game in Sunday's paper. I knew it might be a bit late--they ended soon after ten o'clock. But WHY was there no story about either game in MONDAY"S paper, a day and a half later. The Oklahoma game, at least, deserved attention, and surely there are enough Baptists in FtWorth to get Baylor a bit of coverage. The writer in question was nice enough to reply to my query, and here is the interesting email he sent me:

    This is a multi-pronged explanation - local papers are beginning to feel that they should cover what they can cover. Local, local, local.
    For instance, I don't think readers in FW want to read about Oklahoma's win over Ohio State. Now, on this, I don't agree line by line. This was a MAJOR Big 12 win. I am but one man, but what you are seeing with the Star-Telegram, and a lot of other newspapers, is a slow reinvention of what papers do, and specifically what they cover.

    So, all the blame doesn't fall on one or two people. Right?
  16. Then you have this over at Dallas Morning News from our local Baylor clown and UT apologist, Matt Mosley.

    Yeah 'overrated' USC. Hahaha. SMU vs. TCU is going to be close. :confused:

  17. Well, I'm not sure I don't agree with Mosely. #Remember05

    When it comes to journalism, speed-to-press and accuracy are opposing forces.
  18. Thread title redundant.

    ban OP.
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