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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. I don’t know how any RB watches TCU play and decides this is where tbey want to play. I look at Iowa State, Texas, etc.., and their main RB gets the bulk of the carries. They also run real running plays with tight ends and fullbacks.
  2. real running plays are so overrated

    just line up, the defensive alignment will tell you the patterns, to run or not, who runs all that predetermined stuff anymore
  3. Well Breece Hall is the best RB in the country and UT basically doesn't have any else that's worth crap.
  4. hall has taken a significant step forward this year

    how much is him, how much the scheme, how much is how they use him?
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  5. Offensive explosion by both teams in the first half 13-10
  6. don't understand isu calling their 3rd time out and then basically running the same pattern they just ran with a different player

    my preference would have been keep the time out, attack the middle of the field for a possible score and use the time out to stop the clock if needed to set up a field goal
  7. A whole lot of it is him.
  8. So we beat Texas who so far looks better than Iowa State but we can't beat Iowa State?
  9. We were gonna beat ISU until the fluke tipped INT in my opinion. One game the TO went our way, the other one it didn't.
  10. It's just frustrating. This game is for a birth in the conference championship game. One minute we seem to be right there, the next minute we look like we don't even know how to play football.
  11. hate to break it to you, but the isu loss isn't the only loss keeping the frogs from a shot at the conference championship game
  12. Some of that is youth. A lot of that is subpar coaching.
  13. WTH is ISU doing??? Just ran a solid 45 seconds of the clock on 4th down before punting.
  14. Don’t like the decision to punt there by Campbell.
  15. they have made a couple of questionable decisions today with that case of clock management, the time out before the 3rd down at the end of the first half.
  16. agreed, they have struggled to create any explosive plays in the passing game and if they get the ball back they look to be faced with a long drive
  17. Same. And yet it works and here they are driving late. Down to the UT 13.
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  18. 1st and goal at the 2. 1:28 left.
  19. CGP heartily approves! When in doubt- punt baby punt! Difference in this game is that Campbell somehow defended a fake punt successfully.
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  20. Yep, it worked. Just don’t think you give UT a chance to put the game away with a couple first downs when you need two yards. And even if they had gone for it and missed, they could’ve still stopped them and got the ball back. Oh well.

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