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Other games thread....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. VB Frogs lose to Tech in 5 game match. Scrappy young bunch but if McCall finds and uses the transfer portal might as well shut and lock the doors to The Rickel. And we have a good recruiter as a coach but can’t imagine she’s in the top 6 in-game coaches in this conference.
  2. I've been wondering what BU will do if Rhule moves on soon. Hire Mensa? He'll be available.
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  3. Be glad to see Mims gone honestly. Gonna be a huge loss for Baylor.
  4. Why did that UT guy get ejected?
  5. They’ll find another. We’re the only team incapable of finding route running pass catching receivers
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  6. Said something to the ref apparently I believe.
  7. Whoever replaces him will have to learn how to push off like him
  8. Worth noting that we probably have one right now...... Taye Barber.
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  9. Navy up 35-28 on SMU with 6 minutes left.
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  10. Anchors aweigh!
  11. Watching UT frantically trying to score inside of 1 minute left in basically a blowout is kinda funny. LMAO.... they just called a TO with 5 seconds left.
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  12. Baylor uses tarps on sticks to signal plays from the sidelines.
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  13. He can win all the Sugar Bowls he wants, but if UT keeps losing games to TCU and BU Tom Herman won’t be around much longer.

    Go Frogs!
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  14. Sounds like a rave in Waco.
  15. UT scores. Giggle.
  16. Just rumor and almost certainly none sense but shaggy saying someone reporting that he quit the team lol.
  17. How would Rhule not have his pick of jobs?? First, Temple, and now Baylor....wow.
  18. He will go to the NFL before taking a college job

    I feel like he would be in over his head if he took a big name job like Florida State
  19. They lose to Tech to go 6-6 and CDC will be under a lot of pressure.
  20. We should run the triple option.

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