OT: Wondering Why the Big 12 Wants to Get Itself Involved

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  1. Trump, dividing this country like never before.
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  2. Might as well go ahead and move this to the general board...
  3. I agree to an extent but my question remains -- why on earth would the Big 12 Conference decide to get involved with this crap? I would think that every single coach, AD, campus administrator, etc would want precisely nothing to do with any of this and then the conference goes and gets itself involved by aligning with a particular side. Can't see how it would do anything but antagonize and create an unnecessary pathway for member institutions to be asked if they concur with the apparent alignment of their organizing body.

  4. Probably an accident.
  5. Considering how many staff members probably have access to that Twitter account I doubt it was a purposeful "like"
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  6. This country is dividing itself. People have lost their minds over politics.
  7. It's definitely more obvious now.

    Be it the current administration or social media.

    I know of families that can't even discuss politics because it gets so heated up so they just avoid it.
  8. Agree that whoever did this needs to let that sleeping dog lie. Not smart.
  9. Yep. Probably someone thought they were on a different account and accidentally Cruz'd themselves.
  10. I just got off the phone with a representative from the Big12 conference. I will not use the name of the person but learned a few things:
    • They said it was definitely a tweet error and once discovered they immediately "unliked" the tweet. I did not know that was a thing.
    • They do not know if an intern with access to the account "liked" it or if someone with access to the account just accidentally "liked" it while scrolling by their list of tweets
    • Kinda follows but the fella I spoke with said that in no way does the Conference wish to be involved in that seemingly endless controversy and that he appreciated me calling.
    • The fella I spoke with (pretty high up) could not have been more friendly, accommodating, professional, and courteous. In fact, I told him that my rooting interest was all things TCU and he said that he attended the game last Saturday and took his kid down to the field to run with the Bleacher Creatures. Had a blast and appreciated the TCU effort to make game day a family day positive experience. Kudos to TCU for making a guest from "the home office" feel great without even knowing he was there. FWIW - said the Frog Horn scared them to death down there.
    • I was thoroughly impressed with the brief encounter I just had. If every organization was as accommodating and pleasant to the public as I just experienced, we'd be much better off.

    Finally, I find it incredible that some of you immediately saw this as a mistake carried out by one of many people who hold access credentials to that twitter account. I realize that its not the same thing but my company (which employs over 15,000 people in the US) has precisely three people with access to the organizational twitter account with a 24-7 legal and regulatory review for all postings. Not saying that errors can't happen even with that but I'd just think that a company or organization would want tight control over its public brand. Big 12 football officials still suck but have a new found respect for the way that organization handles the public. They didn't have to talk with me at all. Props to them
  11. You called them because of the like on a tweet?
  12. Meh...... I see division on my TV (because that's what they want) but I rarely encounter it in daily life. The VAST majority of society is made up of good honest people regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, etc.....
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  13. I called them because of the "like" on "that tweet"...and I wasn't first and am glad I did. Apparently a few news outlets beat me to it.
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  14. None of this passes the "is this even worth my time" test.
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    You really don't think it was like that for many years? lol

    Edit. Oh, get it now. New account made shortly after one of our more "outspoken" members gave himself the boot.
  16. I don't remember having so many political protests in professional sports. Not with Clinton, Bush or Obama.

    Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to it in the past.

    Now we have someone in the Big 12 liking a tweet that cusses out the president.
  17. Never had anyone spend millions of dollars to pay protesters either.
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  18. The S stands for ScottPatrick.
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