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OT:Will Smith Punches Chris Rock at Oscars

Virginia Frog

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Doubt Chris Rock would file the charges. Wish he would.
That was a pretty good joke.
Interesting that WS apologized to the Oscar audience and not Chris.

This is an egregious action, one that maybe he deserves "cancellation." He should go into the Oscar trash bin like Kanye with the Grammys.

WS's crying fit was pathetic - he KNEW he made a complete fool out of himself in front of the whole world. His battery was a criminal act!

No, likely he'll stay in good standing and not lose any movie deals, etc. IMO, there's a huge double standard out there in show biz today but at some point audiences will be tired of all their shenanigans and won't buy their tickets.

Here's to the good guys of which WS isn't one. (Chris Rock=good guy!)


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Watched King Richard (Venus and Serena Williams as juniors) movie. Pretty good movie and I like WS role, but
I could care less about the Oscars.


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Read today JPS has alopecia. Who knew, I’m guessing Chris Rock may not have.

In any event, doesn’t anyone have impulse control? As someone mentioned WS was laughing until mama huffed.