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OT: What's the worst...

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. ... or most illegal thing you have ever done?

    Most illegal thing I have done is smoked a little devils lettuce in college.

    I am far from CJKFH.
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  2. I removed the tags from a mattress!!
  3. would think the worst thing someone could do would be to post about the most illegal thing they have ever done and there is no statue of limitations on the crime
  4. If there was a “statue” of limitations, people would just tear it down.
  5. depends, if it were the inventor of autocorrect i am right there with a chain and sledge hammer
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  6. ...but I didn't shoot the deputy.
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  7. Worst thing I have done is binge watched Tiger King.
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  9. I voted for Jimmy Carter in '76.
  10. embarrasing, but hardly illegal
  11. Brought a switchblade across the border from Matamoros when I was 13.

    Everything else is just a class C misedemeanor. Maybe B.
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  12. Oh boy. Where to start.

    set a house on fire

    dropped smoke bombs in public library book return (this setting books inside on fire)

    for a time, pipe bombed mailboxes

    smashed mailboxes from a moving car

    spray painted curse words on neighbors house

    poured gasoline into antagonists water bottle while he mowed lawn

    drove drunk innumerable times, wrecking car twiced

    Innumerable fights

    smashed windows to gain entry into junior high then smashed the schools trophy cases

    stopped up all the top floor drains in Clark hall , thereby running out all the hot water and flooding the joint

    pulled the fire alarm Clark hall and thumbed nose at FD when they came.

    chopped down largest tree on reform school campus with moms butcher knife. Took a couple weeks of determined effort and smuggling knife to and from school

    From roof of school building, shot bottle rockets at folks coming in for Saturday detention; some of them left thinking that they were getting shot at

    innumerable masterbations

    does Steel need to keep going on?

    there’s more...
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  13. the admin obviously wasn't too observant of what was happening on the grounds if it took you "weeks" to chop down a tree with a knife

  14. Is that all? I thought you were much worse than that. Come on, tell us what you've really done that you're even a bit ashamed of.
  15. Liked for the CJ reference.
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  16. Don’t know if this was worst illegal thing I did in my youth, but here goes.

    Saturday night in college and it’s after midnight and thus two late to buy more beer. My roommate and I were very low on funds and going to a bar was out of the question.

    Driving down Bryant Irvin, a big round ice chest at Stop and Go is just outside of the front doors being drained of excess water, unattended. I then back my Mustang up to said cooler full of beer, and we proceed to throw all beer into the trunk of my car and drive off quickly.

    Damn good score and luckily we got it away with it.
  17. Hi officer Horny4TCU[​IMG]
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  18. So in Brownsville?
  19. Yeah, into Brownsville. Church youth work mission trip to help local charities repair low income housing. Our leaders took us into Mexico one afternoon for shopping and dinner where we proceeded to sneak drinks and buy wholly inappropriate items in the market.
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  20. This one time, in band camp...

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