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OT - TV Armageddon

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Limp Lizard, May 16, 2019.

  1. Tonight the last episode of Big Bang Theory. Sunday the last episode of Game of Thrones. :(

    At least I can trust HBO to come up with something good.

    Just no more reality shows on broadcast TV!
  2. Check out the new Chernobyl miniseries on HBO. Really good so far.
  3. Brockmire and Knightfall still going strong....

    I will miss Penny tho...
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  4. Under two months until Stranger Things 3.
  5. Knightfall is excellent.

    Just started Bosch season 5 on Amazon.
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  6. Finished Bosch last night. You'll like it.
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  7. Barry is decent on HBO...
  8. Just in time for the newest season of Paradise Hotel.

    (I feel a little dumber for admitting to watching it and never seeing one episode of GoT or Big Bang Theory))
  9. Anyone watch Ray Donovan?
  10. Taboo is supposed to be back at some point...
    Spit Blood~~<~< and [Baylor asshoe]!!
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  11. New season of Ozarks coming soon
  12. Move to General Forum. Not related to TCU, or sports, at all.
  13. God forbid, considering how many great TCU sports are going on right now.
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  14. Barry is good.

    Veep is fantastic. It continuously has laugh out loud moments. Just fantastic casting of genuinely cool/funny people delivering hysterical lines (and excellent writing I imagine).
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  15. Sneaky Pete
    Last Chance U
    Handmaids Tale
    Law and Order SVU
    Tin star
    Man in the High Castle
    Goliath - Billy Bob Thorton
    Young Sheldon

    All good.

    Worst case, replay a TCU football game.
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  16. This ^
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  17. Yeah, very good so far. I have not fact checked it for historical accuracy, but a compelling show. BTW, I don't watch a docudrama as if it were a documentary with total historical accuracy...I just watch for the drama with a true basis. Getting nit-picky over the details will hurt enjoyment of the show.
  18. Anyone know when Shameless will resume this spring/summer? I know this is the last year of the series. but I got the feeling that there is more wrapping up to do yet....

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