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OT: The NFL is a joke

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Longhorn from Aledo, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. Just cut the entire anthem stuff altogether. It's been a cultural dinosaur for years. Come out, play, collect a check, go home.
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  2. The NFL’s ratings will take a huge beating this season!
  3. If I was Hispanic, Native America, or Asian, I’d be upset. Why aren’t these minorities represented? Are they not also important?
  4. You're mad....because they're playing a song as part of the pregame? Not replacing the national anthem and all that pageantry, just because they are adding another song that resonates with some?

    Do you also get upset when if they play America the Beautiful?
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  5. While I don’t care in the least about this, America the Beautiful is a song that is inclusive of everyone in the country where the NFL operates
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  6. I don't disagree, though I have heard some atheists object to some lyrics in America the Beautiful, but how is Lift Evry Voice not similarly inclusive?
  7. The song is referred to as the Black National Anthem?
  8. I took my son to the Hall of Fame game when LT was inducted. During the National Anthem, the black guy sitting behind me sat the whole time and talked on his phone. Afterward I told him "thanks, you have helped me to decide that I will never attend an NFL event ever again"......
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  9. The national anthem is a dogcrap song and 9/10 people don't even know what the hell the words mean, when they were conceived, where etc. Boring as all hell.
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  10. 18.5% of the US population is Hispanic; 13.5% black; 6% Asian

    BUT close to 70% of NFL players are black.

    Any more questions?
  11. Y'all don't like it, then don't watch.
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  12. Imclusive for most... were I Native American I'd probably take exception to the whole "sea to shining sea" thing, considering how many ancestors were pushed off their land, dead or alive, to get that expanse.

    But again, what I think and what you think and what anyone thinks isn't going to push the NFL to do anything different. So those who don't like it, well, bye.
  13. I was not watching the NFL before not watching the NFL was cool. Once Aikman, Smith, and Irvin were done, so was I. Never forgave Jerry Jones for firing Landry and finally called it quits. Now they put that clown in the NFL HOF.
  14. I oppose the "fruited plain" line because I believe it to be divisive and condescending. Plains do not deserve that level of derision.

  15. I started to sour on the NFL when they kept fining one of my favorite players, Darren Woodson, for making good hits. I got to meet him a couple of years ago at a corporate event. I told him how his fines used to tick me off, unsurprisingly he was in agreement. Nice guy, still looks like he could play.
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  16. Luckily everyone has a choice.
    Watch, don’t watch, don’t care, etc….
    Please don’t feel obligated to tell what your choice is, or the colorful history as to how you agonized over making this life altering decision.
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  17. Why is the national anthem played before sporting events? Why isn’t it played before other events? I don’t remember standing for the anthem before a Metallica concert. What makes it a necessity before sporting events? Could we do away with it? Would anyone be less patriotic if that were to occur? Those that don’t like it are not going to be more patriotic. Those that love it aren’t going to be less so. I don’t need it to love this country (or the parts of it that still represent my values anyway).

    Does anyone that insists upon it being a part of sports listen to it before any other events? Like prior to showering? Or before a baby is born? Or right before entering the warm biosphere of your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/cousin (for all the Arkansas peeps)?
  18. These are all excellent ideas that I will endeavor to put in to practice.
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