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OT: The Interview rips TCU family in half

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by Hell Sent Frog, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. The actress had me going until she played the race card. She's no Diana.
    Harry should not have taken aim on his father either, that was stupid. Kings have practiced retaliation against their children since time began.
  2. Our ancestors died face down in the mud fighting and defeating the British so we no longer had to give a single scheiss about the Royal Family.
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    He's a spoiled brat, she's a character disordered "look at me" narcissist.

    If they take down the crown, they take down their claim to fame. Better be careful team, this could work out bad for you both.

    They are living like kings in Cali, multi-millionaires and worldwide attention. They didn't like living for free in the UK, man, they both need to get into the real world - a 40 hour per week job like the rest of us to make ends meet. Then they'd be too tired to complain how bad the Queen and her brood are to them. And Meghen - really suicide? Even the poor has access to shrinks - I don't buy it!

    One other thing - Archie is not named a prince because he's too low in the pecking order. His daddy is 6 and he is 7th. Other equivalent royal heirs - like Princess Anne's kids (Harry's 1st cousins) and grandkids (Archie's four 2nd cousins) - are similarly without title.
  4. How is this TCU related?
  5. It's not TCU related, of course, but it's in the news. I couldn't help blinking when Megan said she often sat in the
    ROYAL BOX at the opera and wept when the lights went out, thinking of how mistreated she was. Oh, the humanity! I would consider myself mistreated if someone forced me to go to the opera.
  6. TCU is an institution that knows what it is to have someone determined to play the race card against it.
    Gary had a case of it this past Summer.
    Of course Gary caved, I bet the Queen doesn’t.
    I bet you won’t see a mural painted on the sidewalk in front of Buckingham Palace.
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  7. Prince Harry is a Royal.
    TCU's colours (British spelling) are Royal Purple and White (What: not black, silver, lavender, pink or camo?)
    There's the connection.:p
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  8. Who cares about the Royals and their brood? I don't. I avoid them even though its supposed news. Keep that crap in the tabloids!
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  9. I'll bet they spend all day, everyday arguing and worrying about succession.
    William tells Harry, I will have enough kids that you will never be King. Harry tells William, I am still a Prince and you will call me, "Your Royal Highness" (nothing to do with smoking pot...)
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  10. Sean is asleep at the wheel on this one. He will no doubt have some brobdingnagian excuse involving teaching, his kids and bourbon.
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  11. Which one lived at Jeffrey Epsteins island?
  12. If it is true, it was Andrew, Elizabeth's third of four children and second oldest son.
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  13. No matter how you feel about the royal family, this is a disrespectful way to refer to the Queen...

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