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OT: TCU Police blotter from November '94

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. Was diddly farting around through some old Skiffs and saw a police blotter. I never noticed these when I was on campus, but some are pretty funny. See the one about the keg. ;)

    TCU Blotter 11-94.jpg

    Click on it, then right-click it and select view image. Should let you zoom by holding Control and rotating the spin thingy on your mouse or by pressing Control and +.
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  2. There are at least half a dozen posters who come to mind in regards to the October 28 suspicious person.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. The hall director was notified. Ominous words. And somewhat overuse of the criminal trespass warrant.

    Needs the Dragnet theme in the background. Or Benny Hill.
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  5. Wow. I was a student there at the time.
  6. Did you drive a gray Mustang?
  7. Dude!! I think that was me! We used to get any person who wanted one to do a keg stand. I remember how they told us to stop bringing kegs, so we had a buddy bring in Budweiser Party Balls from Oklahoma.

    oh man. I used to live my life in an alcoholic haze.[​IMG]
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  8. Oh man, thank god you didn't post any from '92 thru '94!!
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  9. I’m still pissed that officer made me stop doing my rollerblade acrobatics. I was getting some serious air that day.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. That was my freshman year. I use to love to sit in the library reading The Skiff, especially the police blotter. There seemed to be quite a few man in a van flashing students incidents.
  12. I made the blotter in Nov '94. Campus PoPo saw me pulling a "Deer Crossing" sign outta my trunk that I liberated from a small Texas road after I scored a head shot on it from 200 yards.

    Gave me some type of illegal possession ticket and I actually had to go see the dean of students. Dean and I had a good laugh about it...
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  13. Both of those DWIs would have ended in arrest nowadays. Instead, the first was allowed to phone a friend, and the second was given a ticket (probably because he was already in the Greek). A certain QB would've loved to be able to call someone to pick him up.
  14. This thread has the very real potential of hitting a little too close to home.
  15. I never got that dagger back.
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  16. you’re gonna make me actually read that thing, aren’t you?

    edit: I left it in your gray Mustang convertible.
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  17. And then, there was the heinous bb gun investigation of 1972.
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  18. Reading too fast.... I read that as "gay" mustang convertible.
  19. Still works.
  20. I was in 5th grade.

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