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OT - TCU campus photo does viral

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Deep Purple, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. For the past 3 weeks or so, this picture has more or less gone viral on reddit, Twitter, and other social media. No idea who the guy is, but the photo was taken on the TCU campus in the little plaza between Sadler and Reed halls.


    People have turned this into a meme. Some of the funnier ones:



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    It's originally from this video...

    Was posted by TxFrog1999 in the general forum a couple of weeks ago. With a follow up of this video...

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  3. Wow, someone needs to slap the crap out of Mr White Male Privilege. What a whiner little grit. The more he talked and the anecdotal evidence he tried to put forth, the stupider he sounded. I bet he burned his bra...
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  4. I watched part of the interview.

    It was great to hear an open discussion without one side yelling and interrupting the speaker.

    Open discussions work to build bridges.

    Screaming over a speaker does nothing to help us understand each other.
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  5. Crowder has done a few of these "change my mind" videos, all with the premise of having a civil discussion about the issues and showing the uncut version of the exchange (you can find them on YouTube). It is refreshing to see.
  6. Seen those videos, and I don't know what kind of students TCU is admitting anymore. That PC Principal character in that first video, blows my mind at how ignorant he is. Then the white apology girl in the next one is just sad. We're doomed if what was once a fairly conservative campus is changing into a liberal breeding ground...
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. None of this or these people matters.

    Don't bother to try changing my mind.
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  9. Smug host does man-on-the-street interview with naive and unprepared student. Ugh.

    There are some times I do enjoy Crowder, but I just hate the format. Punching down more than anything else.
  10. Seriously. I tend to agree with him more than not, but this is like Adrian Beltre sitting out there asking college music majors if they want to try to throw a fastball by him.
  11. It just highlights how much college kids think they are so mature and grown up and prove they aren’t as soon as they open their mouths.

    Nothing like getting a job, paying taxes, having real responsibilities and having real things to worry about to mature a person.
  12. I generally agree. He is a professional pundit with a staff to stay abreast of his conservative talking points, and he’s inviting debate against totally unprepared people.

    That said, here are a few reasons I’m cool with it:

    (1) he really isn’t rude to them unless they are belligerent with him first;
    (2) the point of the video is to informally invite all challengers to disprove a particular viewpoint and spark conversation, not set up a professional policy debate;
    (3) he isn’t challenging busy adults rushing through a quick lunch who have kids, jobs, and no time for philosophical banter, he’s challenging university students who are theoretically among our best and brightest minds on their campus, which is supposed to be a battleground of ideas; and
    (4) it had the desired effect—it allowed college students to express their viewpoints and confront some of their biases.
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  13. in other words, [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] never changes. not trying to be negative just old enough to understand what dad would say to me and i would think he is crazy.

    only thing better is when you do a job interview and they person conducting it has never freaking done anything in their life besides graduate from college and have no real clue what skills are need to survive let alone excel at a job
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    There’s a small discussion on the general board about alll this, which occurred a few weeks back.

    I dunno, I’ve been an a-hole on this board for the last few months (just ask maniac or smufrogger), but I promise I'm level headed in person, but when it comes to politics I do lean more fiscally conservative but middle of the road socially.

    I believe in LIVE AND LET LIVE BABY as the great Chuck Berry once said. But the kid in this video is a sad sight. I was embarrassed for him.
  15. Outraged and uninformed is a terrible way for that guy to go through life. He walked into a gunfight armed only with a vegan, soy banana.

    (That doesn’t mean he is some kind of hippy. It just means even his ineffective banana wasn’t even really a banana. I like hippies.)

  16. I thought the same thing. What a [ muschi ] willow. Please dont let TCU turn into a liberal school.
  17. Might have been a relevant post ten or fifteen years ago.
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  18. It will be okay snowflake

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