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OT: Political Debate at TCU

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. This is as responsive as me asking id you ever took an American history class.
  2. So you have no example of how democrats are a “menacing threat to society?”

  3. That’s a hell of a straw man you just slayed there.

    So “white patriarchy” was a part of your vernacular well before Trump?

    I’m thinking not. It’s a new “dog whistle” phrase liberals are using to marginalize and attack those they disagree with. I use the term “dog whistle” with heavy sarcasm and mockery, btw.
  4. Do you have an actual point of substance or do you just spew words?
  5. I see you’ve defaulted to your primary (and predictable) m.o. of projection.
  6. This is an excellent point. In the early 90s, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. wrote a book foretelling of the dangers of pushing identity politics too far. It was prescient on many levels. We pushed it to the point where we see things only through the lens of race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion, or other special interest.
  7. Yeah, every generation since the start of time has probably said the same thing. I know my dad thought Elvis Presley and early rockers were going to doom the free world 60 some years ago...
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  8. Of course, your statement doesn't make them wrong though. In fact, history clearly shows that some generations who had concerns about future generations were right. Empires have fallen throughout time whether they be Greek, Roman, British, etc. More recently, we have seen countries falter like Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, etc. So clearly some of the older generations do recognize doom is being ushered in by newer generations. It is foolishness on your part to ignore such concerns so readily.
  9. Millennials are a punch line. Old white guys are objects of hate.
  10. He hates white people. Pretty obvious.
  11. Hmmmm. Argentina, Greece and Venezuela have something in common.
  12. The thing about consistently predicting societal decline is that it’s free. You are either right, or you eventually die. It’s like saying that’s Notre Dame will eventually join a conference.

    What we do know is that in this country, the people that complained about societal decline because of the long haired rock and rollers in the 1960s were dead wrong The ones that complained about societal decline in the 80s and 90s due to the Gen X slackers were dead wrong.

    Maybe they’re right this time, vigilance is obviously necessary, but at some point they do become Rapture predictors.
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  13. I think it’s unfair to say they were “dead wrong.” There has definitely been an erosion of moral values and behavior in some ways in this country. We’ve improved in many other ways, though.

    Saying the next generation is soft is not necessarily untrue, but not a portend of doom, either. My generation is certainly not as “hard” as those who fought in WWII, but certainly productive to an unprecedented degree.
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  14. You could've just admitted "no."
  15. You might find an answer or two to your question on the Heather MacDonald thread and video I just posted on the general board. She answers your question for me.
  16. Interesting video. It makes sense.

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