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OT: Political Debate at TCU

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 5, 2018.

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    I think we should demand better from TCU security to not allow middle age men to harass teenage girls about rape while they are trying to get to class.

    Regardless of your political ideas this is a [ profanity ] individual not motivated by real open discussion. If he were he would set up a debate with someone his own age and who has time to prepare. As it is, he goes Jay Leno style because he is afraid of real intellectual conversation.
  2. As if our society needed more white knighting. Take it is easy Don Quixote, no need to keep fighting those windmills.
  3. He was on a public sidewalk, and what exactly was he doing to harass teenage girls trying to get to class?
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  4. It may technically be a public sidewalk but it is smack dab in the middle of campus and no one other than TCU students going to class ever use it. He had a huge sign w/ the word RAPE written largely so that any passerby would see it.

    Not very respectable actions, the only other persons who ever set up shop there are the zealots, so that his his company. Crowder and the zealots.

    TCU needs to buy the strip of sidewalk that goes through campus and pay the city to maintain it, end of problem.

    Here's my question though. The guy is obviously putting TCU in a lose lose situation, and causing emotional harm to female TCU students. Crowder doesn't care that he is harming the school and its students, in fact he seems to get a rise out of it, then he edits the tape to place TCU and its students in the poorest light possible and then broadcasts in on youtube for self promotion.

    How and why would any frog pick some random canadian jack wagon over their own alma mater?

    If someone were to set up shop on the sidewalk in front of your house with a lets talk about rape sign and booth with camera's while your daughter was practicing tumbling in the front yard, would you adamantly stick up for that persons 1st amendment rights?
  5. He’s an instigator and knows how to get people to respond to shock jock tactics. He is calmly very rude and pointed with an intent to offend.

    This isn’t a guy setting up a table with an open mind looking for a good debate. It’s a guy looking to “own the libs” and get more social media followers.

    We should expect more from TCU graduates than to fall for his stunts.
  6. I'll just repeat my previous observation that if TCU students can't see a sign with the word rape (actually rape culture, but I'll grant you the point) without breaking down into tears, shaking, and devolve into histrionics then we should be very concerned with the level of teaching at the school. Liberal Arts Universities are supposed to teach logic, reason, and critical thinking, not hyperemotional post-modern thought where meaning and facts are ignored.
  7. Good job judging 10,000 students on the basis of a select few example spoon fed to you by a hack. God forbid a handful of young women be offended by their experience. Maybe they get upset because grown men like you treat it like it’s no big deal?
  8. Please point out where is said rape was no big deal or that all 10,000 student think the same.
  9. Clearly, your last post and many others’ are making or insinuate sweeping generalities about “TCU students” based on a small handful of clips you saw on a Brilesbag’s social media account. But way to divert from the actual issue I guess.
  10. So you can't point out one instance where I said rape was no big deal or that all 10,000 student think the same. The phrase, TCU Students, can refer to a handful or the entire student body based on one of two things: context, or interpretation. You chose to interpret my words as an indictment of all students at the university, whereas the context of the discussion was of the students shown in the video, which is hardly the entire student body.

    There are clearly students at TCU which hold to the ideals of a liberal arts college. That one female student (second one in the video I believe) is a fine example of someone displaying rational thought while engaging in civil discourse, but the ones I'm referring to did not. It's that behavior, as well as the temperament of students previously spotlighted in Crowder's videos, that we should be concerned about. Certainly no one was making a blanket statement saying they represent the body as a whole, but if there is a significant number of students on campus either being taught to think in this manner, or arriving at College with a closed mind, then we as alumni have cause to worry.
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    I’m more worried about how our older alums represent our university than our students.
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  12. In what way? A few of us have pointed to specific issues we had with the students in the video and our concern with their lack of reasoning skills, so what exactly worries you about older alumni?
  13. You obviously didn’t get the memo. The cool thing now is to hate on old white people.

    That’s how they earn their liberal bona fides these days.
  14. The hypocrisy generated by the Socialist-Left is the menacing threat to today's society.
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  15. No question being an old white guy today automatically places you in persona non grata territory. I chuckle though when certain posters here who I swear are in their 40’s rail about old white guys. This is millennial wannabe territory.
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  16. Bigger boogeyman: "Old white guys" for the left, or "Millennials" for the right?
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  17. If by “socialist left” you mean “democrats” then there’s a 90% chance then by “today’s society” you mean the wealthy white evangelical patriarchy.

    If not accurate, I’m fascinated by how the democrats are a menacing threat.
  18. Serious question: Did you ever use the words “white patriarchy” in a sentence prior to Trump being elected?
  19. Undoubtedly, the 'manifesto' provides an extensive assortment colorful such labels in its continuing effort to

    denounce and destroy capitalism.

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